Will From Software develop popular anime games?



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From Software is the developer of popular games such as Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Demon Souls, etc. Kadokawa Corporation plans to use some of its in-house game studios, including From Software, to create licensed Anime games for consoles.

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The end of software as we know it?

After Kadokawa’s financial report, the focus is on the isekai genre.

This decision is made due to the success of games like ReZero. There is no guarantee that From Software will only make these types of games. They might only help a little with the development.

The opinions of the players seem divided. Some think it could be a good decision with a lot of possibilities. Software experience can be used to make these games bigger and better.

An Isekai-Soulslike game from Software Re:Zero! FUCK GOOOO! ~Helix

On the other hand, some fans are not so enthusiastic and fear for the future of the developers.

If I see FromSoft is wasted on a generic isekai/light novel lie. I will join Three Fingers and end this horrible reality. ~Dust

I personally hope From Software’s help is minimal. Elden Ring was a smash hit, with many new players joining the soulslike genre. From Software has really nailed this one when it comes to accessibility and gameplay fun. They have made us at WePC very excited about the future of their games. It would be a shame if they were busy making isekai games only.

However, if they were primarily involved in creating such games. If they are still able to carry out their own projects, that is fine with me as long as there is no excessive crisis in the company.

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