What is the best anime series of spring 2022?



Looking for a fun show to watch? We’re picking our favorite debuts in the Spring 2022 anime season. Share yours in the comments and on Twitter!

I know a lot of people will probably choose Spy x Family, then I am going to offer you a show that is not that! (Although it’s outstanding and I think people should watch it.) Instead? I will say give Love After World Domination a chance. (It’s on Crunchyroll.)

It’s a romantic comedy about the lead role of a Super Sentai sort of group and the most capable minion of the villain falling in love. It’s super ugly! The characters are extremely serious and incompetent! Basically, they have dates in the middle of dramatic fights! Of course, there are only three episodes at the moment. Still, I dig. — jenny

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to watch all of the notable shows in a given season. This spring, although I found myself following more weeklies than in recent years. It helps that the season has a good spread of extremely charming blockbusters like Spy x Family and quantities known as the 3rd seasons of Kaguya-sama: Love is war and Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These. These would definitely be considered my seasonal pick for “best”, but they’re a bit of an obvious highlight, to be honest.

Something a little less known but quite intriguing is Ya Boy Kongming!, which takes the “Great Man” theory of history and turns it into the “Great Manager” theory of showbiz. The famous 3rd century strategist Zhuge Liang (courtesy name Kongming) dies and, in keeping with his wish to live again in “a peaceful world”, he is transported and reborn in present-day Shibuya, Japan. There he takes his zillion-IQ intuition and applies it to the far less deadly but no less diabolical task of…helping a young woman with her budding career as a pop star.

Where “reading Sun Tzu for business insight” is an old cliche, Ya Boy Kongming! turns “having Zhuge Liang as a winger” into a hilarious and entertaining show about, well, putting on a show. It is available on Hidive. — Josh

Whereas Spy x Family is the runaway success of the season (and deservedly so), another Spring 2022 anime series got me just as invested. Deaimon: the recipe for happiness checks out my love of food-based anime and delivers another unconventional family adventure.

It’s an incredibly sweet story set in a family owned wagashi shop. Prodigal son Nagomu returns home after a decade of pursuing his dream as a musician so he can train to take over the business. But when he arrives, his father informs him that there is a new heir: Itsuka, a young girl left in custody of the shop a year ago. Itsuka’s father seems to have abandoned her here, and Nagomu feels it is his duty to play the role of father figure until the two are reunited.

Definitely worth a visit if you need a little more food and family in your busy diet. It’s on Crunchyroll. — Anette


Wasn’t somebody actually supposed to takeuh, Spy x Family? — Graham

What do you think is the best anime series of spring 2022? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter! And read our other hands-on roundtables for more thoughts from the Siliconera team.

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