‘Vampire in the Garden’ Trailer: Vampires vs. Humans in the Studio’s ‘Attack on Titan’ Netflix Animated Series




Take a look at the trailer that Netflix released for vampire in the gardenan upcoming anime series from Wit Studio, the Japanese animation house that rose to prominence for producing the first three hit anime seasons The attack of the Titans.

While The attack of the Titans depicts a world in which humans have built a wall to ward off deadly giants, vampire in the garden shows a world where humans in a small town have built a wall of light to protect them from vampires who have invaded the world. We follow one character on each side: Momo, a young human girl living a repressed life and wishing humans could co-exist with vampires, and Fine, a vampire queen who once loved humans. A fateful encounter soon finds them on a journey to rediscover paradise, the place where humans and vampires once lived together in harmony.

A potential hit here. Lots of dark action and, most importantly, teased emotion in the trailer – maybe it’s the one the handkerchiefs are ready for. In the directing team, there is Tetsuya Nishio, who worked as a director on The attack of the Titansand Ryôtarô Makihara, director of the 2015 animated film The Corpse Empire and a screenwriter on The attack of the Titans.

vampire in the garden will stream on Netflix starting May 16.


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