Underrated Nintendo Switch Anime Games (And Where To Buy Them)


Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bulletand Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Road to Boruto are a handful of anime games on the nintendo switch, and these titles are considered some of the console’s best and most popular examples. Licensed games have a terrible reputation, and while anime-based projects likely have better batting averages than movie adaptations, they’re still generally budget products with limited appeal.

With few exceptions, anime games are rarely critical darlings and often get Metascores in the 50-75 range. As a result, these releases tend to be ignored by all but the most hardcore fans of the source material, and that’s assuming they aren’t turned off by receiving a game. These adaptations deserve take a second look? Here is some underrated switch anime games.


One Piece: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition

Release date September 29, 2017
Developer Ganbarion
Genre Action-Adventure
How long to beat (main story) 10 hours

Although it is one of the most popular shonen manga of all time, A piece doesn’t have a video game resume that compares to the likes of dragonball or naruto. In fact, it’s arguable that the franchise has yet to produce a truly great game, although there’s hope that One Piece Odyssey could change that.

Switch owners looking to embark on a Straw Hat-themed adventure can choose either the pirate warriors series or Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition, an enhanced port of a game that debuted on the 3DS. The former are enjoyable Musou frolics, but their gameplay isn’t for everyone, and they don’t play particularly well on the Nintendo Switch.

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Conversely, Unlimited Red World is a straightforward action-adventure brawler with impressive visuals, a decent storyline that wouldn’t look out of place in the anime, and an overabundance of charm. The gameplay is clunky but usable and offers quite a bit of variety due to a respectable selection of unlockable characters. Most important, Unlimited Red World capture the spirit of A piece better than most other games in the franchise.

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Captain Tsubasa: The Rise of New Champions

Release date August 27, 2020
Developer Bandai Namco Games
Genre Sports
How long to beat (main story) 14 hours

An iconic sports manga and anime, Captain Tsubasa has been producing games since the early 90s, some of which have quietly influenced the genre. Contrary to saying Fifa or Pro Evolution Soccer, Captain Tsubasa: The Rise of New Champions plays closer to an RPG than a standard soccer game. Not only do characters like goalies have HP, but players with better stats will almost always win.

In addition to a fun single-player mode that highlights certain arcs from the anime, Rise of new champions allows players to create their own characters who will gradually level up, gaining new abilities along the way.

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Justice of my hero 2

Release date March 12, 2020
Developer Bike
Genre arena fighter
How long to beat (main story) 5 hours

The first one my hero’s justice is a half-baked fighting game with a limited roster, a disappointing story mode, and somewhat decent combat. While barely terrible, the game is by no means good, and that probably won’t motivate people to pick up a sequel that, on the face of it, seems to offer more of the same.

Here’s the thing, Justice of my hero 2 is indeed very similar to its predecessor, but the sequel also tweaks quite a few things. The combat is smoother and more satisfying, while the visuals are significantly superior to the first game. The story is still likely to be indecipherable to non-fans, but this game is mostly for those already on board the MHA train. Justice of my hero 2 should have been the first entry in this series, and if anyone is interested in trying out a superhero-themed fighting game, they may do worse than this sequel.

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Neptunia X Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars

Release date April 19, 2022
Developers Compile Core, Tamsoft
Genre hack and slash
How long to beat (main story) 11:00

OKAY, Neptunia and Senran Kagura are mostly game franchises, but since both licenses have anime adaptations, this crossover deserves a mention. In an article consisting of almost nothing but niche releases, Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars might be the rarest acquired taste, especially since these franchises excel in different genres.

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Yet, when it comes to hack and slash crossovers, ninja wars is more than competent in the combat department. Along with offering 10 playable characters who have discernable traits that set them apart in battle, the game features a surprisingly robust range of customization options in the form of secondary weapons, special attacks, and items. The story also lives up to the standards set by both franchises perfectly, and it even comes with some fun boss fights.

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Jump Force: Deluxe Edition

Release date August 28, 2020
Developer Spike Chunsoft
Genre arena fighter
How long to beat (main story) 14 hours

Mocked upon its release by critics and fans, jump strength has flaws so massive that they dominate most discussions regarding the game. Yes, jump strengthThe art style of is definitely a choiceand the story cutscenes are consistently clunky and stilted to the point that they’re stripped of all personality.

Just to be clear, jump strength is not a misunderstood gem that is secretly one of the best 3D fighters of the last generation. However, the game has its share of positives; while not perfectly balanced, the combat is flashy, fast-paced, and deeper than it initially appears. Although the selection of franchises could have been wider, the list is no less fantastic. If anyone grew up with these anime, jump strength could strike a chord that few other games can reach.

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Fairy tale

Release date March 20, 2020
Developer Gust
Genre Turn-based RPG
How long to beat (main story) 23 hours

Developers behind the Workshop series, Fairy tale is a turn-based JRPG that comes and goes without leaving too much of an impression. Clearly aimed at existing fans since the story wastes no time reintroducing characters, Fairy tale adapts quite a few arcs from the manga, and the game does a good job of not only covering the basics, but also expanding on some aspects that are only slightly touched by the anime adaptation.

Gust offers above average combat that comes with an engaging Magic system and some neat extra mechanics like chain combos. Outside of battles and story missions, players spend their time fulfilling requests in order to revitalize Fairy Tail as a guild, which includes developing its headquarters facilities. Fairy tale It might not be a masterpiece, but it’s a decent JRPG that lets fans spend more time with these characters.

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