Top 10 Anime Series Better Than JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an incredibly popular shonen series that is praised for its characters and storytelling. Even anime fans who have never seen the series recognize the art style and common character tropes associated with the series, which goes to show just how important it is in the anime world.

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While JoJo’s is well done and features a lot of great characters, it still has its weak points. The weaker parts of the series don’t spoil the experience, but compared to other anime that handles their plot points better, it’s pretty obvious that there are several anime better than JoJo’s.

ten A Classic Space Story (Cowboy Bebop)

cowboy bebop is a classic anime for a reason. It has some of the best music, characters, and one of the best stories in anime. He has his own unique style which is incredibly recognizable to this day.

Make things even better, cowboy bebop has amazing voice acting, which is amazing considering the time period it was created in. The live action may not have done a good job of portraying this incredible story, but for anime fans, they will always have the anime to fall back on.

9 Togashi’s Best Work (Hunter X Hunter)

Yu Yu Hakusho is creator Yoshihiro Togashi’s most recognizable series, but Hunter X Hunter is by far his best-written series. The story uses a unique power system and often features storylines that many modern anime draw inspiration from.

Hunter X Hunter also has some really fun characters and an action-packed story that often leaves fans sitting on the edge of their seats. Too much, Hunter X Hunter is one of the greatest anime of all time. Considering the quality of his writing, that’s certainly a fair assessment.

8 Some of the most beautiful animations in all anime (Violet Evergarden)

Violet Evergarden is not only a well-written but incredibly beautiful anime. The studio behind this series is known for its superb animations and Violet Evergarden is the best example. However, the animation isn’t the only good thing about this series.

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Violet Evergarden features incredibly well-written characters with unique personalities and goals. It’s also nice to see a series with female-dominated characters handled so well. It has action, romance, and drama, which it balances almost perfectly. Anyone who hasn’t seen Violet Evergarden definitely missing.

7 A series still going strong (One Piece)

A piece is a juggernaut in the anime world, so it only makes sense that he’s considered one of the best. Not only is it one of the Big Three of the early 2000s, but it has maintained its top spot among the most popular series since its release as a manga in the late 90s.

With over 1000 episodes, the series is still going strong and that’s mostly because of the characters and the story construction. There is no other anime like this in the world which is why so many fans love it so much.

6 An Underrated Classic (FLCL)

FLCL is an underrated series that isn’t talked about too often, but fans familiar with the show know how good it is. It features incredible animation and a unique story that grabs fans’ attention from start to finish.

The characters Naoto and Haruko have amazing chemistry which takes the series to the next level. This abstract anime series is definitely something special, so it’s a shame it isn’t as well-recognized anymore.

5 Not a typical action anime (Samurai Champloo)

Samurai Champloo comes from the same creator of Cowboy Bebop, and it really shows. This series has a unique style with amazing animation and well-developed characters. Despite the fact that the series is set during the Edo period in Japan, it uses hip-hop music, which adds to the unique style of the series.

The best part of the series is the characters and their relationships with each other. Samurai Champloo manages to create strong bonds between characters that feel believable even for a show that isn’t too long. Anyone looking for something with a unique take on culture and music is definitely missing out if they haven’t watched this series.

4 A series with the best written characters (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Jujutsu Kaisen is a modern series that managed to be an instant hit with fans. It takes animation to a new level with some of the best combat in all of shonen anime. However, the best thing about this series is its characters, especially the women.

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Unlike most shonen anime, which tends to have poorly written female characters, all of the female characters in Jujutsu Kaisen are incredibly well written with deep stories and interesting goals. Jujutsu Kaisen shows what a series with well-written women looks like, which other manga creators should take heed.

3 A relatable series with the best relationships (Yuri On Ice)

fans of Yuri on ice They’ve been desperately waiting for new content for years, which shows just how beloved this series is. Not only is it a fun sports anime, but it also has amazing animation and even better characters.

The relationship between Yuri and Victor is what makes this series so special, especially since it handles a queer relationship perfectly. It’s the type of series that fans can come back to again and again, which shows how relatable the characters are and how fun the series is overall.

2 A twisted story that keeps fans guessing (Death Note)

Death threat is one of those anime that every anime fan should watch at least once. It can be incredibly dark and twisted, but that’s one of the best things about it. Light’s transition from responsible son to psychotic killer is incredibly well done. Sometimes fans find themselves supporting him even though they know they shouldn’t.

Some fans criticize the show’s ending, but it still manages to be one of the greatest shows of all time. Everything from the music to the animation is top-notch, which makes sense considering the amount of effort that goes into creating a series like this.

For many anime fans, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the number one anime on their top ten list. It has some of the most iconic characters and an incredibly unique story unlike any other. Every detail of the story relates to the plot in some way, which makes rewatching this series a fun experience.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood also has some of the best character development in anime, especially the relationship between Ed and Winry. Ed’s proposal is still one of the most romantic anime moments ever, which goes to show just how good it is.

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