The Complete Anime Art Book Review


Title: Overlord: The Complete Anime Art Book
Author: Kugane Maruyama (History), so-bin (Characters)
Editor: Yen Press
Tongue: English
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 240
Kind: Art book
Publication date: December 15, 2020

Final thoughts

I love art books and I love Suzerain so when i saw he was getting an art book i jumped at the chance to review it again and like all other art books i really enjoyed this one even though it was a bit basic.

By that I mean the book has the expected content ranging from characters and monsters to storyboards, sketches, and design work. There’s also the standard interview section where the creators talk about different aspects of the show such as “do you have a favorite character?” “How did the story of Suzerain come to light? things like that.

Yet despite the expected content of an art book, everything was really enjoyable. The character section had a good mix of full body, half body, head only, and sketches shots, all drawn from different perspectives…. There are other cool little bits and pieces with each character, including their race, voice actor, and a little story. Plus, some of the artwork and sketches have notes to explain their intention a bit better, which is always a nice touch to see.

The monsters section was a little different. It still showed designs and sketches from different angles, but there were more notes for many parts that really helped show some of the directions when creating … like a note for a dragon to show a certain part with so much of simplicity as possible. There is also little explanation of what each monster is and how it fits into the overall story / world of Overlord.

Then the Design Works section where we can see a bunch of things like flasks, weapons, animals, transportation, and other items used throughout the series. There wasn’t a lot of explanation here as this section was more of a gallery than anything else, but there were a few notes throughout to help with the purpose as well as the size / scale of items by. relation to other characters or objects.

Speaking of gallery, that’s exactly what the Art Design section was. It was a bunch of full-page sketches of various landscapes and landmarks used throughout the anime … some of which had their own unique notes accompanying them. We pause between interviews and then we see some of these fully painted and / or rendered scenes… all of which are absolutely gorgeous.

The book then ends with a special section where we see a nice mix of rare sketches and colorful drawings of characters.

If you want Suzerain and want to get a good look at the artwork behind the TV anime, this is a must read book. The notes aren’t too detailed, but they give a good overview of the design process for many parts. As you browse through the book, you will also feel a bit of nostalgia or familiarity if you have seen the anime and / or read the series. Everything is in nice high resolution and looks great on the glossy paper Yen Press chose for the book.

The actual book cover is a nice matte finish with great sketching work. There is a dust cover which is glossy and features Ainz on the front as well as the majority of the main characters on the back. There are 240 pages in this book which is a bit on the high side for an art book, but the amount of content here is enough to satisfy any Overlord fan and more! You should seriously consider adding it to your collection!

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