The best anime series and movies coming out in May 2022


May has begun and so has anime fans’ wait for new shows. So, here is the list of the best anime series and movies you can watch in May 2022.

April was a great month for people who were craving new anime series. And if your appetite isn’t yet sated, May also brings a handful of fantastic anime. Without doubt, even better than those we had the previous month. So, also space out your schedule and get ready to watch the best anime series and movies coming in May.

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Best anime series and movies to watch in May 2022

1. Vampire in the Garden

Wit Studio has been driving people crazy with its outstanding work for many years. And now the studio is once again ready to make people fall in love with its other project. Vampire in the Garden is a brand new anime, with its first season releasing on May 16, 2022. As the series will be released on Netflix, watching Vampire in the Garden won’t be a mess for international fans.

The creators are tight-lipped about the story, but it takes place in a world where humans and vampires once lived in harmony. But now, in the present day, the two species are at war with each other. In this world of chaos, a human girl named Momo and a vampire named Fine begin to coexist again.

2. Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 (Season 2)

Typical anime fans are always against a series adopting CGI-style animation. But if you love watching anime with such advanced animation, then Ghost in the shell_2045 is the biggest treat for you this year. Production IG is the studio behind the anime, and it is slated for release on May 23, 2022.

As the world goes through an enduring war in 2045, the value of currencies around the world has plummeted. But the biggest threat of all is the “Post Humans”, and only the group of mercenaries known as the GHOSTS can save humanity from them.

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3. Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series

Get ready to see more Ash and Pikachu adventures in part 3 of the Pokemon the series is due out on May 26, 2022. New episodes of the popular anime return after almost four months. So it was a difficult time for the Pokemon fans, but the wait is almost over.

The anime will begin with the 28th episode of the series, titled “All Out, All Of The Time!”. Ash and his partner Goh travel to the Alona region to participate in the Pokemon Capture the adventure race. As usual, the team rocket will stick its nose into the tournament and attempt to steal Pikachu. But the Zenryoku brothers will help Ash save Pikachu, and after winning the tournament, Ash sets off on a new journey.

4. Shin Ikki Tousen

In March 2022, a new trailer for Shin Ikki Tousen has been released, confirming the release date for the upcoming anime series. The continuation of the series developed by the studio Arms will begin to be broadcast on May 17, 2022. Shin Ikki Tousen is the 5th anime series in the franchise.

Although there isn’t much about the storyline the series will follow, the manga follows the life of Hakufu Sonsaku. She is a high school student who possesses a Magatama which allows her to control the mind of the Chinese warrior, Sun Ce. Other high school students also possess different Magatama, through which they all fight.

5. The quintuplets par excellence

Why wait for the series when you also have a great animated movie planned for the month. Produced by Bibury Animation Studios, The Quintessential Quintuplets is an animated romantic comedy film for the official on May 20, 2022. If you are familiar with The Quintessential Quintuplets TV series, you should watch this movie for sure because it will serve as the conclusion of the story.

For those unfamiliar with the anime, it is based on the life of a high school student, Futaro Uesugi, who is gifted with excellent academic performance. Due to his academic excellence, the Nakano family hires him as a tutor for the quintuplet sisters. But soon he realizes that the sisters are not at all interested in improving their grades. Gradually, Futaro creates a special bond with them, after which they realize their mistake and start working hard.

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