The Best Anime Movies You Can Rent on Steam


How many people even knew there were actually movies available to rent on Steam? It’s possibly one of the most useless yet interesting features of all time, and it actually has a decent selection. The online marketplace is primarily known for the games hosted there, but hidden deep within there is a relatively large pile of Lionsgate productions, anime movies, and more.

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Of course, all of these movies vary in their rental price, and rentals only last 48 hours, so it’s not exactly the most “first” service to use. However, for that niche group of people who want to watch their favorite anime through their favorite video game marketplace, here are some of the standouts.


6/6 A great group of Ghost in the Shell movies

It only makes sense to group together all the movies that are part of the same franchise, which is why the 2017 ghost in the shell remastered movie, the Ghost in the Shell 2.0 film, Person Eleven, The Laughing Manand solid state society are all part of this first entry.

Now, if there’s anyone out there who somehow isn’t at least familiar with ghost in the shelljust know that it is one of best sci-fi anime IPs of all time. And among all ghost in the shell movies (of which there are actually a lot), these are some of the best of the best, so it’s great that they can all be rented through Steam.

5/6 Dead Space: Fall

The Next Step is a movie that many gamers probably don’t even know exists, Dead space: Fall. This 2008 movie actually avoids the curse of popular game franchise movie adaptations being horrifying, because the dead space the community seems to generally like this movie.

It’s a little too written and there’s a lot of intricate details of sequel games it doesn’t necessarily have to be there, but the voice acting is fantastic (for the most part), it’s incredibly brutal, and the characters are all compelling. Viewers should be warned, however, that this movie is incredibly violent and can be hard to watch in some scenes, but overall it’s a great sci-fi body horror movie.

4/6 Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale

Now the ODS Where Sword Art Online the franchise is one whose quality is constantly criticized by the anime community as there are large groups of people who swear by it one of the best isekai anime of all time or generally finds his entire existence offensive and unnecessary. However, Ordinary scale is fundamentally classic ODS at its best in many ways.

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It does a lot of the things that people loved so much about the original franchise, while also delivering incredible action scenes and plot points about the future of technology. All in all, well worth a watch, and there’s likely to be plenty of interest, as the Steam player base and ODS fanbase overlap to a great extent.

3/6 Yu-Gi-Oh: Dark Side of Dimensions and Links Beyond Time

By each account, Yu-Gi-Oh: Dark Side of Dimensions should have failed as a concept. It is a movie sequel to the original Dual monsters series made long after it ended that somehow manages to pick up right after that end without issue. And, with the tragedy that is the death of Kazuki Takahashiit’s a good time to go back to the IP to see how amazing it really is.

Meanwhile, there is also Yu-Gi-Oh: Bonds Beyond Timeand although this film is much more polarizing within the community, the audacity of this film is to make a crossover film involving the protagonists of several seasons of Yu Gi Oh like Yugi Moto the original MC, the protag of GX Jaden Yuki, and 5D the protagonist Yusei Fudo is absolutely worthy of respect. Overall, this film is also generally well received, if a little silly in the way the story is set up.

2/6 Initial D Caption 1: Alarm clock

Let’s move on to a classic among the classics, especially among racing anime, let’s talk about Initial D Caption 1: Alarm clock. This is a movie from a series called New Initial D The Movie which essentially reworks the early stages of the manga and the first season of the anime into one great movie.

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Legend 1 basically covers until Takumi manages to beat Keisuke Takahashi in a race. All in all, if it’s something that draws more people into magic that’s Initial Dthen this film is absolutely worth the rental price.

1/6 No game no life zero

No game no life zero is a sort of prequel film to the hit series No game no life. It tells the story of the Great War thousands of years ago that eventually led to Tet becoming the “One True God” who now rules this game world.

There’s a lot to love about this movie, of the iconic librarian Jibril actually being a terrifying figure instead of just speaking as such, to Riku and Schwi’s relationship and all the obvious references from their journey to Shiro and Sora’s story in the NGNL animated. All in all, a fantastic watch both visually and emotionally, and also worth renting via Steam.

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