The 10 Best Animated Movies on Crunchyroll, According to IMDb


Crunchyroll has a large catalog of anime on its platform, but did you know that includes anime movies as well? They are considered the official source of the anime, which means that it shouldn’t be surprising that they have access to some of the most anticipated movies that fans have been eager to watch. It’s also a great way to support original creators in Japan!

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Including standalone, suites, originals and classics, they offer a wide range of genres for your movie night. We’ve scoured the crisp catalog to find the top rated movies on the platform for your viewing pleasure, so here are the contenders.


We’re starting this list with the sequel to the Spring 2012 anime, Accel World. Accel World: Infinite Explosion is based on the light novel by Reki Kawahara who is best known for his other isekai series Sword art online. This film, in particular, debuted on July 23, 2016 in Japan.

The main story is about people who use a device called Neuro-Linkers to play an augmented reality fighting game called Brain Burst. Accel World: Infinite Explosion continues after the finale and focuses on the two main characters Haruyuki Arita, an overweight boy with low self-esteem, and Kuroyukihime, a girl whose real name is unknown and the vice president of the student council who is in love with him .

9 BLACKFOX (6.2)

Black fox debuted on Crunchyroll in the fall of 2019. The story follows Rikka Isuragi, a young girl who happens to be a descendant of ninjas. She is expected to be like her grandmother, one of the best and most honored ninjas in the land.

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However, Rikka does not wish to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps. Instead, she aspires to be like her scientific father. But when her house is attacked on her 16th birthday and her father is fatally injured, Rikka vows revenge and recover the stolen research, prompting her to be dubbed the vengeful ninja, “Black Fox.”


A wind called amnesia is a 1990s post-apocalyptic animated film based on the novel of the same name by Hideyuki Kikuchi. The novel is published by Dark Horse in English. In 1999 the world became a wasteland because of a strong gust of wind which gave many amnesias on the way to live.

Wataru, a survivor of the apocalypse, regained his humanity upon learning from a man named Johnny. Before he died, he told Wataru to travel the world. Having nowhere to go, Wataru decides to do what he said with Sophia, a mysterious woman who saves him, to travel to New York.


I have always loved you ~ Confession Executive Committee was released in the spring of 2016 and is part of HoneyWorks’ Confession Love Committee Vocaloid song series that has spawned various spinoffs, manga, and light novels. The story follows a group of friends from Sakuragaoka High School who struggle to confess their love.

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If you’re in the mood for a teenage romance filled with webs of love, this one’s for you with the love life of its 7 characters: Natsuki Enomoto, Yuu Setoguchi, Akari Hayasaka, Sota Mochizuki, Mio Aida, Koyuki Ayase and Haruki Serizawa. Although the movie begins with Natsuki confessing to her childhood friend Yuu and lying that this is a rehearsal, there are others that get attention within an hour.


Emperor of the Jungle Lion is a 1997 animated film that may look like a cartoon to those unfamiliar with its Japanese origins. The style of the film is none other than that of Osamu Tezuka and is based on the second half of the manga of the same name.

The story centers around Leo or known in America as Kimba the white lion, and his partner Lyra who gave birth to little twins named Moon and Lukio. They just want to live in peace, but when greedy humans enter Leo’s habitat in search of gems, he must do all he can to protect his family.


K Missing Kings was released in the summer of 2014 as a sequel to the original series. It occurs a year after the events of the anime. It was animated by GoHands, a company known for their unique way of creating smooth animation.

The original K The anime follows Yashiro Isara, a charismatic young man who carries a Japanese parasol, Neko, a carefree girl who is in love with him, and Kurou Yatogami, a swordsman who wishes to defeat an evil king. The film is set after Yashiro’s disappearance and focuses on his search by the two. Everything else would be a spoiler, so you’ll have to watch to find out what’s going on.


Captain Harlock: Arcadia of my youth is a 1982 film that chronicles the origins of Captain Harlock. Leiji Matsumoto created the character along with other notable series such as Space battleship Yamato and Galaxy express 999.

The plot follows Captain Harlock, a man who was blacklisted for rebelling against the government by not giving up hope against the invaders. During the course of the film, he shows his fight against the oppressors of the Earth, the Mazones, who wish to reclaim the Earth when they ruled it in ancient times. This is the perfect movie for those who want to enjoy classic 90s anime.


Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie was the first film in the series released in the summer of 1999. Contrary to the belief of most fans, it was a non-canon film, it was written by Clamp’s chief writer Nanase Oukawa. The film takes place during the first and second seasons of the original Sakura card sensor.

Like the series, Sakura card sensor follows Sakura Kinomoto, a 9-year-old girl who becomes the Cardcaptor of the Clow Cards. While on an excursion to Hong Kong, Sakura and her friends have mysterious dreams that get in the way of their time there and have to get to the bottom of it.


5 centimeters per second is a movie directed, written and produced by Makoto Shinkai in 2007. It has three segments throughout the movie within an hour of execution. This film also received the Best Picture award at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards and is considered one of the best anime films.

The story begins in the 1990s and runs until 2008. Each segment is about Takaki Touno, the protagonist, and Akari Shinohara, his love. After Takaki walks away, each writes the other letters but begins to speak less until they meet several times in real life, each a bittersweet encounter.


The highest rated movie on Crunchyroll is Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card which was released in the winter of 2000. The film is set after the end of the series and was directed by Morio Asaka and written by Nanase Oukawa. 16 years after the film, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card was released as a sequel.

The story centers on Sakura struggling to come to terms with Syaoran’s confession, getting ready for her play at school, and capturing The Nothing Clow Card to prevent her from making Tomoeda’s landmarks disappear. The film is a staple for fans of the series and was both considered the finale, but it’s still a pleasure to watch to this day.

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