Ten romantic anime series to watch


The anime world would be incomplete without romance. Some of the most heartwarming and beautiful romantic stories have come from anime, and fans around the world continue to fall in love as new characters and storylines are introduced by different talented storytellers.

While some of these stories fall into the category of romantic animated films, some enjoy being stretched out, providing longer viewing time and a deeper dive into the lives of the characters that make up the plot. There are a number of masterfully written romantic anime TV series out there, but here are 10 that you need to add to your watch list ASAP. There’s something for every type of observer, as some of the romance is intertwined with other interesting genres.


Released in 2021, HoriMiya is one of the newer anime series on this list. It’s a classic tale where opposites attract and modernized to represent the evolution of today’s culture. When two high school students – who couldn’t be further apart – unexpectedly meet, an exciting relationship blossoms. The two tracks are very different, but share unique traits that make them closer to each other than the people around them. There are hilarious moments of laughter in the series, but the romantic bonds are what make HoriMiya worth the watch.


One of the most popular romantic anime series, Clannad centers on a hopeful young girl who is held back for a year in school due to an illness and the uninspired delinquent she befriends. As the two grow closer, he discovers there’s a lot more to life and tries to help her and four other girls through their problems. A story of love and friendship, Clannad is a well-written anime with characters to cheer for.

Your lie in April

An emotional journey of 23 episodes, Your lie in April follows a highly skilled pianist, Kousei, whose mother’s death leads him to part with the instrument, until a free-spirited violinist, Miyazono, enters his life and uplifts his spirit. At first glance, this series might seem like a typical romance at first glance, but it’s a much larger story, highlighting mental struggles, PTSD, and other subplots.

Ouran High School Host Club

This 26-episode series only lasted one season, but offered more than enough development for all of the show’s main characters. Ouran High School Host Club follows a wealthy girl who must pay off a large debt by working in a welcoming club at a prestigious school and pretending to be a boy. The light show is a fun watch and offers more than enough romance and comedy to keep you entertained, along with a lovable cast of very wealthy and benevolent characters.

The greatest first love in the world

A show about falling in love with the same person again, The greatest first love in the world is a touching show with interrelated themes. When two former high school lovers are reunited at the workplace several years later, sparks seem to start flying again, but the initial heartbreak may have made things a little too complicated. The greatest first love in the world explores loving the same person at different times, and does so carefully and brilliantly.

My darling dressing

My darling dressing is a 2022 anime with some of the smoothest animation styles ever. When a lonely seamstress and a charismatic, popular girl who loves cosplay meet, it’s a match made in dress-up heaven. As they begin to spend more time together, a beautiful relationship forms and they connect as opposites. The series is a breath of fresh air with its unique storyline, rooting characters, and excellent voice acting.

Kaguya-sama: Love is war

This show has been a hit since its debut in 2019. In Kaguya-sama: Love is war, the student council president and the vice president of a very prestigious and elite school are each aware of the other’s affection for them, but refuse to be the first to admit it. Out of pride, the two develop schemes to get the other to confess their love. It’s fun and exciting to watch the two go back and forth to make sure the other confesses, as the first to do so will be considered less and weaker. Along the way, the duo and their friends bring an interesting plot to life.

Fruit basket

A unique and emotional roller coaster of a series, Fruit basket details the life of a homeless young girl who is welcomed into the home of a wealthy family, but discovers that the members share a very dark secret: they transform into Chinese zodiac animals whenever they are hugged by people of the opposite sex. As she tries to help them lift the curse, she goes through the emotional journey of helping them deal with the problem. The soundtrack is heart wrenching and the characters are truly inspiring as they are determined not to be weighed down by the curse.

Violet Evergarden

A wonderful and beautifully drawn series, Violet Evergarden ranks high for romance lovers and is hard to fault. From an emotionally gripping soundtrack to its refreshing plot, this show is acclaimed for its beautiful story. Leading the animation is the main character, a former war robot, who is left emotionless and must find meaning in his life and past through his new job as a ghostwriter. A coming-of-age anime that has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and fans alike, Violet Evergarden should be on every romance lover’s bucket list.


Given is an anime hit. A story about musicians and their various journeys to music, the series is a fun escape for viewers who want a simple love story. Given takes it up a notch with the art style and wonderful musical moments that offer something different from other romantic anime series. There’s also some brilliant character development as the show takes some emotional deep dives.

If romantic anime is your jam, one of these series will be a fun and enigmatic ride.

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