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Sports anime has been around for a long time, helping fans keep the excitement reached in stadiums on their gadget screens.

Movies like Slam Dunk and Prince of Tennis are classics hard to forget. In recent years, the popularity of sports cartoons has increased, with a handful of such films released each season. Whether it is action sport, sport-romance, there is something for everyone.

You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy these great movies. Moreover, it is a genre that has the same number of fans among men and women. Bettors can learn a new trick or two to be successful new betting sites.

Our author, Kate Richardson, reviews some of the hottest anime sports movies below. If you are an anime fan who also enjoys sports, then this article should help you find some great movies in this genre. If you’re ready, go for it.

Free Movie 1 – Timeless Medley

This film it’s swimming and the struggles of the characters to excel in the sport. Childhood friends Haru and Rin had a fight, which caused Haru to swim aimlessly. But, fate brought them and other friends together at the old swim club.

Rin challenged Haru to a competition at the club, but Haru cannot participate without being a member of the swim club. Haru and his new friends have started the process of creating a swim club that can challenge Rin.

The film has two seasons with a summary for each season. Also, you can find the prequel and three sequels. So you don’t have to want the show. Free exhibits its characters as you learn their purpose for swimming. It is a special sports animated film with more drama than in sports.

Prince of tennis

The film is about tennis. Here, Seigaku has a unique chance to represent Japan at the Wimbledon Grand Slam. While training with other junior league players, he gets attacked by criminal tennis players. Seigaku decides to listen to them after keeping his cool.

It turns out that they were banned from participating in an official tournament. The film is a modern classic and perfect for the new generation of anime fans. There is a lot of comedy, but the action is also packed, giving you a glimpse into the spirit of tennis players and the rules of the sport.

Red line

A highly competitive race across the galaxy takes place every five years. The peculiarity of the race is that there are no rules. Danger is what every runner enjoys, and Jp is no different. In this case, he qualifies as one of two humans to participate.

The race this time is watered on a planet where the criminal thrives. JP thinks he’s ready for anything. This movie took seven years to make, but it was worth the wait. Redline is among the most entertaining movies you will ever see. It is both a modern classic in the sports category and in the anime genre.

You will fall in love with the fast paced action that the film offers. Boring obstacles will frustrate you, but you will feel immense joy when JP overcomes these challenges. The film features sleek animation, incredible English dubbing, and a rewarding conclusion. The movie is the one you can’t ignore.

Cars 2

Cars 2 is a 2011 Hollywood 3D animated comedy produced for Walt Disney Pictures. The film is a sequel to the sensational cars of 2006, and it is the second film in the car franchise. In this sequel, Lightning McQueen and Tow Truck Master travel to Japan and Europe to compete in the World Grand Prix.

However, Master is distracted by the international espionage. The film was well received by fans around the world. With gross revenues of $ 25.7 million on the opening weekend, it became the seventh largest Pixar film in the world out of the fourteen released at the time.

Additionally, it earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Animated Feature. Fans loved the film for its comedy and fast-paced action. Most people have come to love motor racing as a sport after watching this movie.


This movie might not be the most original or amazing story you’ve ever seen in the cinema, but it’s fun. After a freak accident adds the power of super-speed to it, Turbo shifts into high gear. It takes an extraordinary journey to accomplish the impossible: compete in the world’s fastest race, the Indianapolis 500.

This film was released in 2013. It is an animated sports comedy film produced by Dreamworks Animation. After winning over $ 280 million at the box office, the film was considered one of the best animated sports films in 2013.

Initial D Third stage

New high school graduate Takumi quickly finds himself in the real world. He got a job on a professional racing team and was challenged by many drivers. But, he first wants to avenge his name by beating Kyouichi Sudou.

During their previous meeting, Sudou had humiliated him. Now Takumi wants a pound of flesh. Before you watch this movie, be sure to see the previous seasons of the first D. The entire series is divided into four seasons, but this is the only movie in the franchise. This movie has remained a fan favorite since its release in the summer of 2009. One thing you will enjoy about this movie, except for the stunning animation, is the unique soundtrack.

It doesn’t matter whether you play sports or not; the genre in animation is one of the best. In addition, it is versatile and offers unlimited possibilities. Even those who don’t know the rules of the sport will be involved in the characters you want to be good at, no matter what. Sports animated films take the risk by allowing the main team to lose every now and then. With so many anime-themed sports movies, it can be hard to find which one to watch. We hope this Resource will make the decision easier for you.

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