Sentai Acquires Rights to Outdated Sci-Fi Anime Series


Anime distributor Sentai has announced that it has acquired the rights to Obsoletea sci-fi anime series from legendary creator Gen Urobuchi.

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The series will be released by Sentai for home video audiences in Q2 2022, with no further confirmed release information at this time. Obsolete just FateZero creator Gen Urobuchi, and released in 2019, where it aired for 12 episodes before ending its run. The series stars Masahiko Tanaka, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Jin Yamanoi, Wataru Takagi, and Ryuzaburo Otomo.

“In 2014, aliens revealed themselves to demand commerce with humanity,” reads the anime’s official synopsis. “In exchange for Limestone, they would provide a general-purpose, consciousness-controlled robot known as the ‘Exoframe’. Cheaper than an airplane, tank, or gun, and easy enough to use to anyone, “the Exoframe” spreads change across the world in the blink of an eye.

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For Sentai, this news follows the significant announcement of its acquisition by AMC Networks Inc. The move also saw AMC Networks INC. acquiring HiDive, the direct-to-consumer subscription streaming service that Sentai also owned.

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