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Japanese screenwriter and producer Ryoichi Wada, co-creator of the hit action horror film A cup of the deadincluding the title of the opening night of Cannes 2022 final cut is based, has signed a deal to develop and produce an original anime series titled Ninja Masx.

Ninja Masx will be a co-production between PoC Studios, NorthStar Thailand Studio and Wada Hairu Entertainment’s company. The series is a futuristic mix of ninja genres, apocalyptic genre, music, dance, and dynamic anime action. It is based on an original manga concept by Wada.

The project is co-developed and produced by veteran comic book creator, television showrunner and screenwriter Andrew Cosby (Hellboy, 2 guns, Eureka), who is also the creative director of PoC Studios. Co-executive producers are Ray Sefo, Sirisak Koshpasharin and Isaac Wu.

In a side announcement, Labid Aziz’s PoC Studios said it has partnered with SOLIS Studios and SOLIS Labs, the feature film and blockchain divisions of media and tech collective SOLIS. Led by Brett Claywell and Brendan de Kauwe, SOLIS has created a content ecosystem and curated digital marketplace that facilitates the creation and sale of regulated utility and blockchain smart contracts.

The partnership is designed to elevate up-and-coming film and TV content creators by using SOLIS’s easy-to-use blockchain technologies to raise funds and empower the community to access equity investments in a secure, compliant and transparent manner. .

The Ninja Masx is the first project to have been facilitated by the merger between PoC Studios and SOLIS.

“Our mission is to provide a platform that will bring the diversity of ideas and perspectives needed to create entertaining and profitable content while taking full advantage of innovative technology tools,” Aziz said.

SOLIS Co-Founder Brett Claywell added, “As SOLIS continues its exploration of developing deeper relationships between talent, their stories and their audiences, we are excited to continue our growth with a company like PoC that shares our vision of global communities engaged in discovering and supporting global voices.

SOLIS Studios recently secured a multi-picture co-financing deal with Maurice Fadida’s Kodiak Pictures for a series of genre films with Eric B. Fleischman’s Defiant Studios.

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