Project Kaito Unveils Project NFT Featuring Anime Series Created By Michael Chasteen


The Kaito Project is on a mission to end world hunger and bring hope to the hopeless, with thirty percent of all sales going to be donated to the charities “Feed the Children” and Mental Health.

Kaito Project launched a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project, which features an animated series created by renowned art director and writer Michael Chasteen.

On track with its mission to give back to those who need it most, Michael Chasten announced that Project Kaito will have 7777 in its supply with a free strike price. The beautiful vision of the project is anchored on its goal of nurturing children while supporting the future of blockchain technology.

“This project is more important than just buying and selling NFTs. We have a higher purpose: to give hope to the hopeless and show the world that we can come together through our different visions,” says Michael Chasteen.

Michael Chasteen was born on March 7, 1994 in Covington, KY, USA as Michael Allan Chasteen. He is an artistic director and a writer. He is a former senior tact officer for NBC’s Chicago PD and has been married to Abbey Chasteen since 2017.

Thirty percent of all sales will be donated to the charities “Feed the Children” and Mental Health. The team behind Project Kaito aims to implement the power of the law of attraction, going beyond and giving back to those who need it most.

“A brighter future for children starts with a vision and a commitment to help them grow and meet their mental health needs. Hunger and food insecurity are on the rise, and children are the victims of all these challenges. This is where Project Kaito comes in,” says Michael Chasteen.

When children don’t have enough food to eat or the food they have lacks nutrients, malnutrition and chronic health problems become a serious and life-threatening truth. The Kaito project aims to fill the gap NFT space to realize a global commitment to help solve this problem.

In just one week, Project Kaito has registered over 7,100 Discord members, many of whom praise the project’s vision of ending world hunger and giving hope to the hopeless.

“We are grateful to share this journey with each of you! You inspire me every day, and I wouldn’t be here without you,” says Michael Chasteen.

Amazing things still await the project, says Michael, and the team is ready to roll out more giveaways and announcements in the coming weeks and redefine the crypto space.

A community member said, “So proud to be part of this family! Thank you, Kaito, Core Team, Language Moderators, and Community Ambassadors! Without your hard work, this project wouldn’t be as good as it already is!

Those who want to feel a bit of the beauty of the Project Kaito community and stay up to date can join the Discord channel to get started. Others interested in learning more about the Kaito project can visit the website for more information.

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