MLBB PH Presents 515 PH Anime Series Starring Filipino Actress Sue Ramirez and MLBB Professional Players Killuash, Sumpak – Manila Bulletin


The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Philippines (MLBB PH) has released its three-episode 515 anime series of its heroes – Wanwan, Ling and Yin as part of the 515 PH campaign. This is the first time that MLBB PH has created Anime, Comics, and Games (ACG) content that gives fans and gamers greater immersion and touchpoints with their favorite game.

“At MLBB PH, we always listen to our fans and players. After discovering that they are fond of ACG content, we made sure to create for them through the 515 PH campaign. anime will be able to further excite our fans while they play the game,” according to a spokesperson for MLBB Philippines.

The first video tells the story of the skin character Wanwan that popular Filipino actress Sue Ramirez portrays. The clip includes Filipino elements, such as a Kwek Kwek (boiled quail eggs) stall where she met Yu Zhong, an agent who later betrayed her. In the video, fans can also see Wanwan singing 515 Global’s theme song “We Better Than Me.” :

In the second episode, fans can see Ling played by professional MLBB athlete Ashley Marco “Killuash” Cruz. The video highlights the heroic role of the assassin who rescued a man selling Balut (boiled duck egg) from violent Zilong minions:

Finally, the third episode features Yin, who is portrayed by famed MLBB streamer Oscar “Sumpak” Romero. Sumpak is one of the fastest growing names in MLBB and video game streaming in the Philippines. The character has shown Yin’s perseverance, fighting his way to victory in martial arts despite multiple attempts:

“I am grateful to MOONTON Games for being a part of this anime series which features Filipino stars and gamers and some of our cultures. We hope other MLBB gamers like me who love ACG can also enjoy the broadcast of those videos,” Sue Ramirez said.

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