Heritage Auctions holds the first major animated art auction June 25-27 – Interest



Art of Anime and Everything Cool auction will feature 928 lots of Japanese and American comics / animation

Heritage Auctions will hold its first cellulos and anime backgrounds auction from June 25-27. The Art of Anime and Everything Cool auction will include 928 lots; it will be the first auction held by a major US auction house to focus on anime art material.

The auction will feature selections from the Glad Anime Museum collection, created by photographer and film producer Mike Glad. His collection of more than 300 pieces is the result of 33 years of work and has been presented in museums around the world, including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles. Osamu Tezuka‘s Astro boy, Ghibli films, and Akira are among the major works represented.

A sample of the art can be seen in the Heritage Auctions video below Youtube Account:

Additionally, the auction will feature pieces of iconic examples of American animation, as seen below:

“With 928 lots, this will be the largest auction in the world featuring top notch classic American cartoons, manga and even animated films,” said Jim Lentz, director of the animation art at Heritage. “From feature films to television series, the sale is full of iconic scenes and characters. ”

Global auctions will be available on the Heritage Auctions website during auction dates.

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