GODZILLA SINGULAR POINT Animated Series Debuts World This Week


This week marks the world premiere of Singular point of Godzilla on Netflix. This animated series comes from the director Atsushi Takahashi with art from studio bones and studio Orange for hand-drawn and CG animations. The new original series features 13 episodes of humans trying to avoid disaster with Godzilla seemingly at the center of it all.

Reunited by a mysterious song, a graduate student and an engineer lead the fight against an unimaginable force that could spell the end of the world … Godzilla Singular Point is an original animated series featuring the characters of Kazue Kato from Blue Exorcist and a new design Godzilla from legendary animator Ghibli Eiji Yamamori.

Singular point of Godzilla premieres on Netflix on June 24th and have included the episode descriptions below.

  • Episode 1:

  • Episode 2:

    • Yun, Goro, and their robot Jet Jaguar confront Rodan, a hostile pterosaur-like kaiju. Mei travels to Tokyo to meet a world famous researcher.

  • Episode 3:

  • Episode 4:

  • Episode 5:

  • Episode 6:

  • Episode 7:

  • Episode 8:

  • Episode 9:

  • Episode 10:

    • Back at the Ashihara mansion, Yun and Haberu attempt to decipher the professor’s research using Jet Jaguar. In India, Lina takes Mei to meet BB.

  • Episode 11:

  • Episode 12:

  • Episode 13:

    • Mei, BB, and Pelops II try to prevent the disaster, but Salunga ambushes them. Meanwhile, Otaki’s crew make their final push towards Godzilla.

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