Funko Fair 2022 Day 1 Roundup



Funko continues as they kick off their Funko Fair 2022 event as they kick off with many new Pop reveals. With the cancellation of the New York Toy Fair, the company once again took to social media for its annual Pop Vinyl reveals. Day 1 consisted of Pops for music, movies, video games and anime with highlights for Boruto Legally Blonde Tiny Tina Wonderlandand even Apex Legends. As for the music of Cypress Hill, Britney Spears, and Five Finger Death Punch join the world of Pop, which will make many fans happy. Collectors can check out all the Pops revealed on day one of Funko Fair 2022, see below. Pre-orders for them are mostly live here, and be sure to check out each retrospective retailer to find their exclusive.

  • Pop! Animation: Boruto
    • Cho-Cho
    • Boruto with marks
    • Boruto with Marks – Glow in the Dark – Entertainment Earth Exclusive
    • Inojin
    • shikadi
    • Kawaki
    • Kawaki – Glow in the Dark – Hot Topic Exclusive
    • Sasuke – Chalice Collectibles Exclusive
    • Sasuke – Glow in the Dark – Chalice Collectibles Exclusive
  • Pop! Games: Tiny Tina’s Wonderland
    • Stallion ass
    • Butt Stallion – Jumbo Pop Plush – GameStop Exclusive
    • Tiny Tina
    • dragon lord
    • Paladin Mike
  • Pop! Vinyl: Apex Legends
    • Wattson
    • Octane
    • Crypto
    • Returning
  • Pop! Vinyl: Legally Blonde
    • Elle Woods with Bruiser
    • Elle Woods (sun)
    • Elle Woods (bunny costume)
    • Elle Woods (Bunny Costume) – Diamond Collection – Entertainment Earth Exclusive
  • Pop! masters of the universe
    • Skateboard Deck – GameStop Exclusive
  • Pop! Vinyl Artist Series DC
    • Batman Forever – two sides
  • Pop! DC Comics vinyl comic book cover
    • Wonder Woman (Renaissance) on the throne
  • Pop! Vinyl Music Britney Spears
    • Pop! Oops!…I’ve Done It Again Album (Walmart Exclusive)
    • Britney in circus outfit
    • Britney in circus outfit with Hat Chase
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