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epic games’ Fortnite has arguably brought together the largest collection of disparate IPs in a single game, providing gameplay opportunities gaming fans could only dream of – like lightsaber-wielding Batman in a fight against Master Chief, Kratos, and T -800. And while the latter offers himself yet another game, Fortnite just announced the reveal of their newest, and probably most historic collaboration to date – in a Tweet image featuring a golden silhouette of a dragon.

“Get up, Shenron! cry IGNwhose report brought us the good news of the collaboration between Fortnite and the best anime series ever made — Dragon Ball Z For those who don’t know DBZif such individuals even exist, the golden dragon in FortniteThe tweet from is Shenron, a magic dragon from the dragonball franchise that grants a single wish to anyone who collects all seven Dragon Balls. Besides Shenron, Epic didn’t release any other details regarding the collaboration except for the reveal/release date, August 16th.

Either way, it’s pretty safe to assume that dragonball the characters will arrive in Fortnite in less than a week, although no specific skin was mentioned. Goku, the comics franchise protagonist, is most likely to appear. Other important characters such as Vegeta, Frieza and Piccolo. We would also like to see Gohan, the most powerful character in the dragonball franchise and the protagonist of the latest release DBS film.

Collabs are usually accompanied by an in-game event that mimics the narrative elements of the visiting franchise, so we can expect to collect Dragon Balls and maybe even summon Shenron himself. Another reactive feature could be related to kill count, and after hitting a specific number, player characters could transform into Super Saiyajins – something Epic should consider adding to Fortnite since the introduction of great shape was a major turning point in the series’ narrative.

The introduction of Dragon Ball Z The characters, most notably Goku, are something fans have been creating concept art for ever since the game started collaborating with other franchises. And now their wish has been granted, adding more symbolism to the previously mentioned Tweet of a wish-granting dragon. However, some dragonball fans have also expressed concern that their favorite character will now run around firing assault rifles and handguns at other players.

And some of that fandom is right; the use of firearms is against Goku’s beliefs, considering that the multiversal fighter abhors the use of weapons. Instead, he fires massive energy beams from his hands, which are capable of wiping out entire planets. Exaggerated for a franchise such as fortnite, but they could tone it down a bit to make it more appropriate. This way, playing Goku will retain his charm instead of running around as the same default character that’s been revamped over 2,000 times.

Still, it’s a fantastic moment for the two fandoms, who will finally be united on from Fortnite playground. As stated above, the only known thing at the moment is the fact that dragonball come to Fortnite — all other details are speculative and should be treated as such.

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