Flying Lotus Releases New Anime Series Music ‘Yasuke’


Flying Lotus has released a pair of new songs, “Black Gold” and “Between Memories”, which he wrote for the upcoming Netflix anime series, Yasukeout April 29.

“Black Gold,” which features Thundercat, serves as the show’s opening theme, and it captures a mystical vibe with its pounding drums and winding synths. “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness,” Thundercat sings in his falsetto, “Cause I’m strong, you see / Stronger than you’ll ever be / Loyal to the end / Someone to call my friend / Whenever you need me, I’ll be there.”

“Between Memories,” meanwhile, will play Yasukethe closing credits. It features a much more subdued groove and an intriguing mix of Niki Randa’s interlocking vocal lines.

Flying Lotus also released instrumental versions for “Black Gold” and “Between Memories”.

Yasuke is a six-episode animated series created by LeSean Thomas and starring LaKeith Stanfield. Stanfield voices the titular Yasuke, a samurai warrior of African descent who navigates an alternate universe of feudal Japan.

In addition to doing the music for the series, Flying Lotus served as an executive producer and story consultant. “[LeSean] and I’ve talked about being strangers in the anime,” he said in a statement. “I was like, ‘Why aren’t there more black kids trying to do this? Why is this so unusual? He said it’s because they don’t have any examples.

Flying Lotus’ latest studio album, flamegracame out in 2019.

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