Disha Patani shares anime art claiming it is her brother’s work and is accused of plagiarism



Disha Patani recently took to Instagram and shared an anime illustration, claiming that it was created by her little brother Suryansh. In the caption, Disha Patani wrote that the artwork was inspired by artist Inhoso. However, a page called Diet Sabya called Disha and accused her of removing the Argentinian artist’s entire work and simply removing the watermark.


In the artwork shared by Disha, an anime character can be seen standing and scratching his head. Disha Patani captioned her post, “#sketchbysuri my little brother’s art inspired by inhoso (sic).”

While Tiger Shroff’s sister Krishna Shroff commented “Amaaaaaaaazing (sic)” on the post, other Instagram users did not have the same reaction.


Internet users were quick to question Disha for stealing the work of an Argentinian artist, Inhoso. One user wrote: “Ayyy yoo wtf disha, that’s not how it should work. You shouldn’t steal someone’s artwork and publish it and call it “your little brother’s work”. sic). ”Another user wrote,“ You seriously thought no one would know you stole the montage? (sic). ”

Take a look at some reactions here:


An Instagram page, Diet Sabya, also called out Disha Patani for passing off the work of another artist as that of her brother. They also shared the response from artist Inhoso, who took inspiration from Instagram stories and wrote a note on the issue.

Inhoso wrote: “Sorry I fell asleep. The point is this influencer / celebrity reposted one of my drawings, cropped it (the watermark) and claimed her little brother drew it. not his little brother and all of this is without my consent.

“I’m not particularly angry or anything. I’m actually quite happy that many of you rushed to help me, commenting on this post, pissing me off and even getting angry with me. only thing I should say is chill, I know it’s frustrating, but we’re not getting anywhere by being mean and insulting them. “


Inhoso had shared the artwork in July this year.


The artist, Inhoso, took to Instagram today (October 24) and called on people to stop with all the hateful comments on Disha’s post.

He wrote: “Well, things got out of hand really quickly, I really appreciate all the effort and support. I have to say, I especially think the whole ‘problem’ was just a misunderstanding, and so on. ‘is already settled, they gave me credits in the post and it’s more than enough. I don’t want their account flagged or the post deleted. It won’t change anything or make a difference. Like i said i really really appreciate your support i know it’s a little frustrating for a lot of you including me of course and the heat of the moment is not helping but everything is cool now.

“Now … what’s not cool at all is bombarding a post with mean comments, hate speech and threats. So let’s be careful for a moment and consider this a misunderstanding or a mistake. They just made it right. reproduced my art as a practice, and it looked so good that they felt proud enough to post it on their account, then after a lot of comments and tips, they realized they should have credited the artist . And THEY DID IT! So that’s it! Let’s move on! Thank you very much for the support. “

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