“Darwin’s Game” Animated Series Comes to Netflix: Release Date


Anime fans will appreciate the release of Darwin’s game, an exciting animated series based on the FLIPFLOPs manga. The manga has released 23 volumes in total, with the most recent being released on May 7, 2021. After airing in Japan in early 2020, the series will soon arrive on Netflix US. Read on to find out more.

Darwin’s game upcoming animated series on Netflix

Darwin’s game is an exciting and seemingly bloodthirsty animated series based on the FLIPFLOPS manga. This manga has published 23 volumes in total, the most recent of which was released on May 7, 2021.

Darwin’s Game animated series is coming to Netflix [Image WeebWorld/YouTube]

The new animated series Darwin’s game is hosted by the Nexus studio. The first season has 11 episodes, all of which will be available on Netflix.

What can you expect from this animated series?

According to his summary, Darwin’s game involves an unpredictable super powerful battle. The series features an ordinary high school student named Kaname Sudo. Meanwhile, he receives an invitation to try a mysterious app called Darwin’s game. When Kaname launches the app, he is drawn into an exciting game. During this time, all players fight each other using special powers called “Sigils”.

Kaname has no idea what the game is for, and fans will certainly wonder if he can survive the furious battles against the powerful players attacking him. In the trailer included above, the battles do indeed seem furious, as many characters die grueling and bloodthirsty deaths.

Release date on Netflix for Darwin’s game

As we now know, Darwin’s game will debut on Netflix US on August 1, 2021. However, as we saw in another animated series, Hunter X Hunter, release dates are not always correct. Season 6 of this series was slated for release on Netflix in July, but was eventually pushed back to August 1.

Darwin's Game animated series is coming to Netflix
Darwin’s Game animated series is coming to Netflix [Image WeebWorld/YouTube]

It also looks like the streaming channel will be sharing the animated series with other channels in August. As noted by What’s new on Netflix, the show has been available worldwide on Funimation and Crunchyroll for some time. On top of that, Netflix in the US will likely share the new animated series. Darwin’s game with Hulu. Readers should keep in mind that in either case, the language of the series is Japanese, with English subtitles available for each episode.

While fans can expect Season 1 to be released soon, there is no news of a second season just yet. There are reports that Season 2 is already in development. However, fans will have to wait and see, once the first season launches on Netflix. In the meantime, fans can watch some exciting moments from the series in the video included here.

Readers, are you excited about the premiere of Darwin’s game on Netflix August 1? Let us know in the comments below!

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