Credit Card Submissions Can Be Successful Because of These Factors.

What can make a successful credit card application? This question is usually ejected from people who failed in applying for a credit card.

In fact, they feel that all the requirements requested have been met. However, after waiting for quite a long time, apparently their credit card applications were declined.

Actually, it is indeed a bank’s prerogative to approve or reject credit card applications that come to them. You may reject your credit card application at the bank. However, that does not mean your application will be rejected at another bank.

Just so you know, there are a number of factors that can make a credit card application accepted. Want to know anything? Let’s read the following review.

1. Have a good credit collectibility record

1. Have a good credit collectibility record

The success or failure of credit card applications is influenced by credit collectibility.

After submitting a credit card, the bank will analyze the application that you submit. What the bank must do in its analysis is to check your credit collectability.

What is credit collectability? Based on information from Wikipedia, credit collectibility is a classification of the status of an installment or loan payment and interest.

You could say this credit collectibility is a record of people during debt repayment payments. The smooth way to repay debt is good, or what can be called a performing loan. Meanwhile, if it is stuck, it means bad alias non-performing loans.

Well, credit card submissions can be accepted because of your good credit collectibility status. Instead, the submission was rejected due to poor collectibility status.

2. The amount of salary is more than required

2. The amount of salary is more than required

Granting credit card applications also depends on the amount of salary. 

Submitting a credit card, it is safer to choose a credit card with a condition that the salary is lower than your monthly salary. For example, your salary is USD 5 million net. Just submit a credit card with minimum salary requirement of USD 3 million.

Because the bank looks at salary levels in considering whether to approve or reject credit card applications. It is impossible for a bank to grant a credit card application with a salary below the stipulated amount.

Banks are not only looking at salaries. The bank will also find out about your employment status, whether you are a contract employee or permanent. The status will affect the bank’s decision.

Banks tend to reject credit card applications from people who are contract employees. In contrast to permanent employees who have greater opportunity.

However, do not consider this provision already final. It could be that your credit card application is accepted even if you are a contract employee. Again, all decisions are the prerogative of the bank.

3. Make sure your current residence matches your KTP

3. Make sure your current residence matches your KTP

Make sure you live according to the address on the KTP so that credit card applications are accepted.

The bank will ask for your residential address as part of the interview. The purpose of asking this is to verify the data that you entered in the application application form.

Data such as place of residence, salary, length of work, to your relationship with the person you have named on the form. Now in this question and answer session, you have to answer the questions posed really.

Not infrequently you know, credit card submissions fail because of incorrect answers given by bank officers. So you really make sure that all data can be ascertained the truth. For example, just a residential address that matches the KTP.

4. Submit an application at the same bank as the payroll bank account

4. Submit an application at the same bank as the payroll bank account

Credit card submission should be at the bank where your payroll is paid.

More promising again if you do credit card submissions at the same bank as the payroll bank account. The thing is, this makes it easier for banks to see your cash flow.

Of course, this can shorten the bank’s time in analyzing your credit card application. Not only that, there are several other benefits that you can enjoy as a payroll customer. For example, just like free annual fees or certain promo offers.

At this point, you already know what factors make your credit card application accepted? Therefore, before submitting, make sure the factors above are already fulfilled properly. That way, there’s no story you failed to get a credit card.