Anime Art Auction brings the best works of art of its genre to heritage auctions


Production animation cells and backgrounds from the most critically acclaimed and culturally influential animated films, TV series and characters to feature a three-day auction June 25-27 heritage auction. The Art of Anime and Everything Cool Auction is the first of its kind hosted by a major American auction house to pay homage to the art of the art of animated animation.

“With 928 lots, this will be the largest auction in the world featuring top notch cartoons, manga and even classic American animation,” said Jim Lentz, art director of the entertainment at Heritage. “From feature films to television series, the sale is full of iconic scenes and characters. “

The auction features the best selections from the Glad Anime Museum Collection, created by Mike Glad, the Oscar-nominated photographer and film producer who has amassed original artwork from some of the greatest anime creators. Unlike any other, the incredible collection of Japanese animation has traveled from museum to museum around the world and is now one of the most significant collections of anime animation art ever to hit the market.

A close second is a close-up of action from Akira’s the characters Kei and Kaneda in a production cell setup with a main background, from the collection of the Glad Anime Museum. The film is considered culturally significant as it almost single-handedly put the anime in the spotlight of Western audiences with its US release in 1990. Several batches of Akira are offered in the auction, including more motorcycle scenes. One of the main highlights of the collection is a superb Akira Kaneda production cel sequence of four on its main pot base (Tokyo Movie Shinsha, 1988). Measuring 52 inches by 12-1 / 2 ″ (132.8cm x 31.75cm), the sequence is a hand-painted masterpiece of groundbreaking and pivotal anime masterpiece featuring the key character Kaneda in an action-packed motorcycle moment of the climax and heartbreaking final scenes of the film.

Highlights of the auction include significant production animation cells used in the making of award-winning feature films and works by the art form’s most respected filmmakers.


Akira might never have happened without anime pioneer Osamu Tezuka, whose Astro boy The series defined the entire art movement known as anime from the 1960s onwards. Tezuka, often revered as the “god of manga,” revolutionized animation in Japan and used Astro Boy as a means of solve serious problems like war and intolerance.

Several examples from the series are offered, including an incredible original hand-inked and hand-painted production cellulo from the classic Astro Boy series from the mid-1960s. A large model sheet from the same period depicts Astro Boy and others. characters such as Astro Girl, Dr. Packidermus J. Elefun and Victor Percival Pompous.


The works of the Japanese animator, director, producer, screenwriter, author and mangaka are well represented.

My neighbor Totoro The production cell Mei, Chibi-Totoro and Chū Totoro (Studio Ghibli, 1988) comes from a key scene in the critically acclaimed animated masterpiece directed by Miyazaki. The main character Totoro is recognized as one of the most popular characters in Japanese animation, and the film is consistently ranked at the top of lists of the world’s most significant films made.

A production cell setup with key master’s experience of Kiki’s delivery service (Studio Ghibli, 1989) can be seen at the 1:14:49 mark of the animated feature film. This beautiful, original hand-painted production cell setup of the titular witch Kiki depicts a solemn scene as she struggles with her doubt on her way to adulthood. The scene captures Miyazaki’s atmospheric and prolonged moments of calm that set her films apart from all others.

Beautifully executed production cell with production background and animated design (Studio Ghibli, 1997) from Miyazaki’s critical and commercial blockbuster Princess mononoke is offered by the collection of the Glad Museum. Prince Ashitaka is awakened by his steed Yakul in the hand painted artwork. Seen at approximately 1:05:51 into the film, the cel is likely to generate intense interest from bidders for a souvenir from one of the greatest animated films ever made.


First, an original, hand-painted production cell setup of the eponymous God-like being Genocyber, measures a whopping 15-1 / 2 inches by 12-1 / 5 inches (39.37 cm x 31, 75 cm). Seen at the 37:34 mark of the first episode. Sci-fi / horror cyberpunk Genocyber is perhaps best known for its extreme and controversial graphic violence, and as a result, it has developed a dedicated cult following since its release.

The Glad Anime Museum Collection gives us a breathtaking production cell setup with its main background of the famous sci-fi anthology masterpiece Robot Carnival segment titled “Franken’s Gears” (APPP, 1987). Also from the museum, a spectacular action sequence production cell of Dragon ball gt (Toei Animation, circa 1989-96) depicting the character Piccolo attacking a monster is offered with the group of four animation and layout designs.

Sailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino), perhaps the most recognizable fictional manga superheroine from the classic hit series of the same name, appears in the auction. A breathtaking and iconic Sailor Moon scene narrowly dodging an attack from villainous Cardian Leshy (Toei Animation, circa 1992-97) in a stunning, large, original hand-painted production cel. A close-up of the production cell of Sailor Moon (Toei Animation, circa 1992-97) is an eponymous example of the charming and expressive reactions of the characters that define the distinctive style of the anime against its main background.

A fantastic original hand painted production cel from the cyberpunk masterpiece by Mamoru Oshii Ghost in the shell (Production IG, 1995) makes a rare appearance at auction. The highly influential film has been credited by leading director James Cameron as “the first truly adult animated film to achieve a level of literary and visual excellence”. The cel can be seen at the start of the film at 12:38 PM.

Additional highlights include, but are not limited to:

Ninja scroll Production cell with main background featuring the characters Jubei and Kagero (Madhouse, 1993)

A spectacular hand-painted original production film starring Ash and his team of adorable pocket monsters from the hit feature film Pokémon: the first movie (OLM, 1998/2000), depicting the characters Pikachu, Squirtle and Bulbasaur is from the Glad Museum collection.

An intense production cell with a production background and an animated design of the character of Gohan, as he is about to shock everyone with a very memorable transformation into Super Saiyan 2, from the favorite series fans Dragon ball z (Toei Animation, circa 1989-96)

The Heritage Auctions The Art of Anime and Everything Cool auction will take place June 25-27, with global auctions available on

A promotional trailer for the event has been released which you can check out below:

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