Animated movies are all the rage internationally right now


Between Dragon Ball Super and A playanimated films are making their mark on the cinema market right now.

Between One Piece Red and Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes, there are several highly anticipated anime movies in theaters right now. And unsurprisingly, they both do very well.

Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes

Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes might have one of the silliest titles I’ve heard in a while, but it’s making numbers at the North American box office right now. Since its August 18 premiere, the film has grossed around $30,762,000, which exceeds Dragon Ball Super: Brolyrevenues of $30,712,119.

This also puts the last dragonball film in the five highest-grossing animated films ever seen at the American box office. It joins the ranks of animated films such as Jujutu Kaisen 0, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, pokemon 2000, and Pokemon: The First Movie. While I’m not surprised by any of these films, I’m a little surprised that Taken away as if by magic is not on this list.

But is Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes is it worth the hype or the effort of telling a theater employee the full title? Honestly, yeah. Personally, I thought minute by minute was funnier and more enjoyable than Dragon Ball Super: Broly with an animation style that I thought I hated but ended up loving.

You may remember that the Dragon Ball Super The film was delayed earlier this year when Toei Animation was targeted by a hacker. Originally slated for an April release, the film was pushed back a few months as Toei regrouped. Many shows and even the online gift shop have been temporarily suspended or closed. But it looks like their security issues have been ironed out and all of their upcoming projects are on track.

One Piece Red

One Piece Red officially earned more than ten billion yen or about 73 million US dollars. With only twenty days in theaters, it is the fastest film to reach this milestone in Japan this year and the 41st Japanese box office film of all time.

In its first weekend, the film sold 1.58 million tickets and earned 2.254 billion yen, easily beating the earnings of the previous one. A play film, One Piece Stampede. But with the main story rapidly coming to an end, it’s no surprise fans are eager to see more. A play contents.

Crunchyroll will be released in theaters One Piece Red for audiences in North America, Australia and New Zealand, but it’s unclear when we can expect to see the film for ourselves. Some things are released simultaneously while others keep us waiting months at a time, so anyone can guess when we can expect the Straw Hat Pirates to sail to our markets.

What’s your favorite animated film of all time? Have you seen any of these films and if so, what did you think of them? When do you think you can watch One Piece Red there where you are? Let us know in the comments!

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