Activision reportedly caught plagiarizing anime art for Call Of Duty games


While Activision is already in an incredibly hot spot with recent lawsuits against the company, it looks like they have another minor scandal on their hands. Fans recently noticed that the art of two different Call of Duty games was potentially plagiarized, with one piece coming from an extremely popular anime.

Twitter user HUSK3RGAM3R pointed out that the art of the “Notice Me IV” pack may have been directly ripped off when Goblin Slayer opened. Art strangely resembles when looked side by side which bolstered its claim to various game and anime fans on the platform.

Another user was able to point out how the art used in Call of Duty: Mobile was also potentially plagiarized by a Japanese artist named Poppuqn on Twitter. His art looks remarkably like the advertisement for the game. Fans are now trying to see if more art was stolen and he will be curious to see if they succeed and could be made for the Call of Duty developers to reimburse these artists for profiting from their work.

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