5 Best Short Anime Series to binge watch in a day


There are countless short anime series you can watch and finish in a day, and here are the top five you can start with.

Anime series with hundreds and thousands of episodes can take days or even months. And some of these series like Boruto and A piece always arrive with new episodes. Watching them will completely exhaust you and you won’t have a chance to try other great anime series. So it’s best to start with an anime that you can watch in a single day or take just two days.

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Castlevania | The full official trailer for the fourth season | VIZ

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Castlevania | The full official trailer for the fourth season | VIZ






Best binge-watching short anime series

1. Death Parade

You couldn’t wish for a better psychological thriller anime than death parade. The concept of the show will drive you crazy. death parade consists of a total of 12 episodes, each episode lasting twenty to twenty-two minutes. Each episode of the series takes on a new story with a main story behind it. After a person dies, their soul must visit the bartenders known as arbiters, and they must play a game that will decide the fate of their soul. The story mainly follows the life of a referee known as Decim and a woman named Chiyuki.

2. The devil is part-time!

Most of the short anime TV shows are based on the comedy genre, and The devil is part-time! is one of the best of them. There are only 13 episodes in the series, and each one will have you laughing out loud. Can you imagine the devil selling hamburgers? Well, this series makes it happen. After Emilia kills Adramelech and Malacoda, Satan and Alciel flee to Japan and disguise themselves as humans. In order to survive, Satan takes a job at a restaurant named MgRonald’s. As Satan goes through the Sadao Mao, Emilia is called Emi Yusa in her human form.

3. Another

Another is hands down the best horror and mystery anime series you can binge watch right now. Although it is a 2012 series, its animation is better than most anime today. The 12-episode series tells the story of a school where a girl named Misaki dies. But to feel her presence, her classmates and teachers begin to act as if she’s always there. Now, in the present day, Koichi Sakakibara transfers to the same class and notices other students ignoring one of their classmates, Mei Misaki. This strange behavior has everything to do with the Misaki incident, and soon the class finds itself caught in an event where the students begin to die.

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4. The daily life of high school students

Are you looking for something extremely funny and random at the same time? start with The daily life of high school students. Each episode of the series is worth watching twice. There are only 12 episodes in the series, but after watching them all, you will want more. There is no specific story that the series follows, but it shows the daily lives of three high school friends, their daily struggles, high school life, interacting with girls, and much more.

5. My Darling Who Dress Up

My darling dressing came out just a few months ago, and it broke the internet with its awesomeness. So far, only the first season of the series has been released and there is no confirmation regarding its second season. The first season consists of only 12 episodes. The romance anime chronicles the life of Wakana Gojo and his classmate Marin. Gojo dreams of becoming a Hina Doll artist, while Marin wants to become a cosplayer. After watching Gojo sew clothes for the Hina dolls, she asks for his help to make her a cosplay dress. This is how their love story begins.

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