10 Popular Animated Movies You Shouldn’t Let Your Kids Watch


Over the years, the anime has seen a significant increase in popularity. As it continues to enter mainstream media, more and more anime films have come to the fore and enjoyed by fans and non-fans alike. With more people watching cartoons than ever before, many of these movies appeal to a wider audience and are perfect for the whole family to enjoy together.

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Despite this, it’s no secret that most cartoons aren’t suitable for kids, and animated movies are no different. While there are tons of amazing movies and many popular titles to choose from, many of these hits are aimed solely at mature audiences, so parents should take that into consideration.

ten Evangelion’s Ending Is Too Intense For Young Viewers

The evangelization The franchise is well known for its intense psychological intrigue, so it’s safe to assume it’s more than kids can handle. That said, it is not surprising that The End of Evangelion continues that legacy, building on the series’ already confusing conclusion.

It deals with heavy topics, such as death, depression, self-hatred and much more. There are plenty of scenes that would be way too graphic for younger audiences, and the overall message is difficult for even adults to grasp, so kids would have a hard time following.

9 Fist Of The North Star has all the violence of the manga

Fist of the North Star is one of the most influential shonen franchises of all time. In many ways, he shaped what the genre is today, and his manga is still one of the most popular. However, it’s not a series to introduce young fans to, and that includes the 1986 film adaptation.

Unlike the animated series of the time, this film takes all the violence from the manga, making it far too intense for children. Some scenes are even uncomfortable for adult viewers, because Fist of the North Star (1986) makes no effort when it comes to graphic content.

8 Akira has a lot of graphic violence

Akira is a classic 1988 film filled with action and excitement. It centers on Neo-Tokyo, a reimagining of the city in an apocalyptic world devastated by World War III. That alone shows what kind of story to expect Akiraand it lives up to the hype.

There are plenty of graphic scenes in the film from start to finish, including violence and gore, mild nudity, profanity, and some moments that even older audiences may find disturbing. Whereas Akira is an anime classic, it’s not for everyone, and it’s definitely not for kids.

seven Ghost In The Shell is intended for mature audiences

ghost in the shell is a staple of 90s anime and is beloved by many longtime fans. While it’s less graphic than some titles, it’s yet another franchise that’s geared more toward adults. The 1995 film has mild violence, but plenty of nudity and grossness, making it less appropriate for younger fans.

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The storyline focuses on existential themes and what it means to be human, raising many questions that children might not really understand. Many intense moments throughout the film also make it a little too scary. Teenagers may be able to handle ghost in the shell according to their age, but it is far too much for the youngest.

6 Paprika’s complex story and adult themes are not for young fans

Satoshi Kon’s work is praised throughout the anime community. Paprika is his latest film, and it has all the psychological themes and twists that many have come to expect from his films. Like most of his works, Paprika is not a film that most young fans are ready to see.

The overall plot is extremely complex and surreal, and it would probably leave most kids lost or bored. There are also plenty of graphic moments, as well as creepy and unsettling images that young audiences would find chilling.

5 The Wind Rises is an emotional masterpiece that adults can relate to better

The wind picks up is Hayao Miyazaki’s farewell film and achieved the same fame as his other masterpieces. For the most part, Miyazaki’s works are films the whole family can enjoy. They all present similar themes, but some present these themes in a way that adults may enjoy more than children.

The wind picks up uses emotion and visual beauty to convey one of Miyazaki’s most controversial messages to date, addressing war, death, and grief, among many other heavy topics. Children can probably sit in it, but they won’t understand the deeper meaning and impact until they’re older.

4 Redline is a bit too racy for kids

Red line is considered by many to be one of the greatest animated films of all time. With its smooth animation, thrilling action scenes and colorful characters, there’s something for everyone. Most would assume that an action-packed racing movie would be perfect for kids.

However, Red line gets a little too adult for younger audiences, with violence and gore, suggestive themes and nudity. Not to mention that the storyline has so much going on that it would probably be a lot harder for kids to follow. Overall, while it’s a beloved classic, it’s best to wait until the kids get a little older to watch this one.

3 Demon Slayer Mugen Train Isn’t As Kid-Friendly As Fans Might Think

With demon slayer being one of the most popular anime franchises, especially with younger fans, it’s easy to assume that Demon Slayer Mugen Train is the perfect film to show children. However, many may want to think twice before sitting down with the family to watch it. Although it has a PG12 rating in Japan, the United States, and other countries, it received a much higher rating for its violence and disturbing scenes.

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Although there is minimal gore, suicide is a prominent feature throughout the film and is used to escape Enmu’s spell. While many of the more intense scenes aren’t something an adult or teenager can’t handle, the many deaths, gore, and resorting to suicide would likely be too much for younger people.

2 Perfect Blue is a psychological thriller that kids aren’t ready to see

by Satoshi Kon perfect blue is considered a masterpiece among his works. Anyone familiar with his films knows that they are not for everyone, especially not for children. As with all his works, perfect blue is filled with psychological themes, horror, and plenty of disturbing imagery that even adults sometimes can’t handle.

It features a lot of intense violence and gore, as well as blood, nudity, death, and depictions of assault. Although the movie is a fine thriller and probably the best example of Satoshi Kon’s genius, it’s not a movie for the faint of heart.

1 Tomb of the Fireflies depicts the devastation and trauma of war

Studio Ghibli works are often associated with whimsical worlds, cheerful colors and cheerful characters. Most of their films are absolutely family-oriented. However, not all Ghibli films can be shown to children. the Grave of the Fireflies is infamous for its harrowing story of two siblings struggling to survive in war-torn Japan.

He doesn’t hold back at all when it comes to showing the ugly side of war, graphically illustrating the devastation and heartbreak it causes. Many adults who have watched it refuse to watch it again due to the film’s sadness and sadness from start to finish. With one of the saddest endings in Ghibli history, there’s no way a kid could bear to watch it.

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