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Anime series come in multiple runtimes, from standalone shorts to massive long-running franchises. And while fans of shorter shows often complain that they can’t get enough of their favorite series, those who follow seemingly endless and massive franchises often feel the same way.

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You can never get enough of a good story, even if its episode count is in the triple digits. However, many viewers are still intimidated by the challenge of watching longer anime, fearing that devoting so much time to a single franchise might not be justified. Completing a long-running anime series can turn into a daunting undertaking. Yet when audiences become invested in the story that’s been building for decades, they never want it to end. These anime series may seem absurdly long, but time flies when you watch them.

ten JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure breaks up the monotony by introducing a whole new storyline each season

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure captures the hearts of millions of anime fans worldwide, first as a cult classic manga and then as a massively successful anime series. The sixth part being halfway, the JJBA the anime still has a lot of catching up to do, but its episode count is already impressive.

164 episodes is a significant time commitment, but that doesn’t seem excruciatingly daunting when the series is split into six distinct parts, each featuring a different protagonist and setting. Division into parts helps Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure remains engaging throughout and keeps watch time flowing.

9 Monogatari breaks up its massive plot into short, self-contained stories

Adapted from a huge series of light novels, the Monogatari The anime franchise totals around a hundred episodes across its various seasons, OVAs, and spinoffs. It may seem like a lot, but every arc of Monogatari focuses on a single case, building on a loose but gripping overarching plot.

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Although the cast of characters remains the same, the unconventional situations they find themselves in help them grow and develop over time. No part of the Monogatari series feels much the same, making for an exhilarating watch throughout.

8 Natsume’s Friends Book Doesn’t Need Spectacular Battles To Entertain Audiences

When it comes to slice-of-life series, most anime fans find it hard to catch a 12-episode show without getting bored. Natsume’s Friends Book proves that Slice of Life can be as thrilling and engaging as some of the most thrilling adventure series.

The show’s 74 episodes focus on Natsume, a boy who can interact with ghosts from Japanese folklore, learning to coexist with the various spirits. The sense of mystery and wonder makes Natsume’s Friends Book constantly feeling captivating, almost like traveling to a whole different mystical world.

seven Durarara’s Plot Still Keeps Moving

With a series like Durarara, the episode count of 65 is surprisingly low considering how much content the series manages to squeeze into such a tight runtime. The show’s plot can get confusing at times, with multiple factions and complex organizations constantly fighting to achieve similar goals.

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Still, the exhilarating lives of the quirky residents of Ikebukuro hook all viewers of the first episode, enveloping them in the convoluted plot. The two seasons of Durarara fly at the speed of light and manage to complete the entire story of the light novel without leaving any questions unanswered.

6 Haikyu!! Takes its time to make viewers fall in love with its characters

Watching a sports anime with over 70 episodes about a high school volleyball team can feel incredibly repetitive and boring. Still, Haikyu!! has won millions of fans around the world by making this obscure sport exciting and oddly emotional.

In many ways, Haikyu!! is not a series about sports. It’s a show about the characters and their struggles to overcome impossible obstacles on their way to success. And watching them slowly grow and progress, both as a team and as individuals, makes the time spent worth it.

5 Hunter X Hunter keeps the pace of the story constantly dynamic

Hunter x Hunter The 2011 adaptation does a great job of covering most currently released manga arcs in just under 150 episodes. Yet unlike most long-running shonen series from the same period, Hunter X Hunter does so without relying on filler arcs or stretching the content to absurdity.

Each episode of this shonen classic is energetic and lively, progressing through story points at incredibly dynamic speed. So, to no one’s surprise, when the show was over, most fans immediately won for a sequel.

4 Attack On Titan is definitely worth the time commitment

With The attack of the Titans Finally ending in sight, every fan is excited to see the anime’s grand finale. At nearly 90 episodes, the legendary series had the perfect setup to end on a high.

Most fans aren’t discouraged by The attack of the Titans impressive number of episodes, considering the show’s breathtaking popularity. Many have been following its story since the anime premiered in 2013. Full of unexpected twists, heart-pounding action, and amazing characters, The attack of the Titans deservedly sits atop the anime world.

3 Monster had the perfect running time to complete its story

The Crime Mystery Anime Freak takes 74 episodes to complete its story, which is a lot for a single standalone case. Unlike most anime series, Freak doesn’t break its plot into arcs or try to prolong its runtime longer than necessary.

Do the experience Freak it feels like watching a movie, with the narrative unfolding at the perfect pace to keep viewers glued to the screen every second of its broadcast. The conclusion of Tenma and Johan’s intense and long confrontation is worth watching the series until the very end.

2 One piece gets better with time

Every anime fan knows One Piece notorious glory even without watching a single episode of the series. A play fans can be quite vocal about the show’s notoriety and for good reason. Despite being one of the longest running anime franchises of all time, One Piece The creator has only managed to improve the quality of the story over time.

With over a thousand episodes released, catching up with this Goliath from the anime world now seems terrifying to anyone interested in the series’ popularity. Yet no one who had overcome the initial understanding regretted giving A play A try.

1 Gintama is the ultimate comedy series that never feels repetitive

To the confusion of people unfamiliar with the franchise, Gintama Effortlessly dominates all anime rating sites and fan tier list. What about an episodic gag comedy series with over 350 episodes that appeals to so many die-hard fans, inspiring such a devoted following? The answer is surprisingly simple, because Gintama manages to execute every possible storyline and narrative genre with exceptional quality.

The series’ notorious humor brings together its gorgeous character writing, thrilling action plots, and poignant drama, making every second of this long-running shonen classic endlessly entertaining.

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