10 Best Supernatural Slice of Life Anime Series


Non-enthusiasts tend to write off most anime series, blatantly ignoring how diverse and unique anime can be. For those who want to take a break from all that action and check out some of the chillest anime series out there, another of the most popular anime genres is slice of life.

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This genre not only uses its animation for cartoon violence, but instead chooses to portray youthful and dramatic stories about Japanese life, school life, and relationships. That being said, some slice-of-life anime take steps outside of normal life, using spectacle and fantasy to create truly unique adventures.

ten The devil is part time

The devil is part time

The devil is part time is a great slice-of-life anime to watch when you’re feeling sad, and it focuses on the grim redemption story of the devil from another world after they’ve been ousted from their domain and forced to start over in a different world and strange.

The devil is part time is a charming series about ambitious fantasy characters trying to survive and succeed in the real world. Some characters struggle with part-time work, while others face the perils of budgeting. Along the way, the devil builds relationships, sows the seeds of romance, and becomes a trusted member of what is absolutely no McDonald’s scam.

9 Clannad

Clannad uses everything his genre has to make his audience cry as much as possible. Despite how cute it may seem on the surface, Clannad is one of the most touching and dramatic anime stories ever.

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Its story focuses on the budding relationship between Tomoya, a disillusioned high school student, who finds purpose after befriending Nagisa, a sickly girl who has had to miss a lot of school due to a mysterious illness and who now wants to reform the school’s drama department. . The fantasy elements here come from one of the show’s most iconic characters, who aren’t exactly what they seem, as well as the story’s constant parallel to a distant, mystical world.


8 AnoHana

just hear AnoHanaThe premise of is enough to bring tears to people’s eyes. Here, a group of friends who have been separated since a tragic accident reunite after one of them begins to see the ghost of a friend of his who died long ago. Not knowing exactly why he sees these specters, he does everything in his power to help her find peace, even if it means that he and his old friends have to come to terms with their difficult pasts.

It’s a story of finding peace and moving on, and it’s all coordinated by a brave ghost girl who barely knows she’s dead. Bring tissues for this one, because this series brings a lot of onions with it.

seven Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Dragon Girls by Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a cool and silly series from Kyoto Animation that explores the simple to outrageous stories of dragon girls. Here, a night of heavy drinking takes the titular Ms. Kobayashi to the middle of the woods where she meets Tohru, a lost dragon. In her drunken state, she offers Tohru to stay with her as her maid, a proposal to which Tohru kindly complies.

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When Kobayashi eventually sobers up, she finds herself in possession of a unique maid and one of anime’s best dragon characters, who in addition to changing shape between a cute girl and a huge dragon , can also do the laundry with his spit. As the two grow closer, Kobayashi begins to learn more about Tohru’s sordid past and the lives of all dragons.


Distribution of ReLife

Re:LIFE is basically the animated version of 17 again. The main character, Arata, is humble, unemployed, and reveling in his past mistakes. Arata wishes he could change everything but doesn’t know how. While at his lowest, he is confronted by a mysterious stranger who offers a pill he believes can change Arata’s life.

Without many other options, Arata agrees to take the pill without much thought. The next day, he wakes up and is surprised to find that he has aged backwards 10 years to be 17 again. This stranger was apparently preparing Arata for a unique experience and wanted to observe Arata’s actions upon returning to high school. With only a year to go back to being a teenager, Arata seeks to improve on all his past mistakes.

5 School Live!

School Live Cast

For those who haven’t seen School Live!, this is a spoiler warning for a series that doesn’t stay as cute and lighthearted as the promo art suggests. School Live! is a slice-of-life anime, at least in Yuki Takeya’s mind. In her rose-tinted imagination, she is living her best school years and having fun with all her friends.

In reality, Yuki’s school has been overrun by a zombie apocalypse, and all of her friends are struggling to stay alive in what is one of the most sinister undead stories ever seen in anime. Slice-of-life moments can make for a shocking experience, but they add greater stakes and drama to a world that clearly can no longer afford regular school life.

4 Login Kokoro

Kokoro Connect Distribution

While Re:LIFE is like the animated version of 17 again, Login Kokoro is like a heartfelt dramatic version of terrible friday it takes the film’s unique body-swapping premise much further. The story focuses on a group of friends who formed a club together because the rest of their school’s extracurricular activities didn’t satisfy them. Out of the blue, they suddenly find themselves switching bodies.

With no coherent way back, they have to endure the change for a while while learning more about each other’s lives. It’s an interesting exploration of empathy that makes the main characters travel far more than the shoes of their peers.

3 Orange

A picture in a letter

OrangeThe story of is both simple and sad; Naho Takamiya begins to find messages from his future self telling him to save the new kid at school from a grim fate.

Today’s Naho takes the notes seriously and begins to bond with the boy and learn more about his complicated family situation. His friends step in and discover the tragic fate that could befall their best friend if they do nothing now, but they grapple with the changes that could come to their own future if they do.

2 Fruit basket

Kyo in the fruit basket

Fruit basket is one of the most surreal and famous slice of life anime in recent memory. Its story is just as human and romantic as its main characters are weird and quirky. After a difficult family situation pushes Tooru out of her home, she stumbles upon the Souma family’s strange mystical secret.

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After being picked up by Kyou and Yuki Souma, Tooru discovers that Soumas can transform into Zodiac animals if hugged by a member of the opposite sex. Here, romance, family drama, and mysticism collide to create a unique anime story and truly touching friendships.

1 The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


In The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyon befriends one of the most eccentric girls in his school, Haruhi, who forces him to help start a paranormal investigation club. They enlist various other eccentric characters into the school in an effort to uncover anything and everything from extraterrestrial activities to time travelers.

Haruhi doesn’t know that her own club is filled with these exact characters! Even stranger, perhaps it was Haruhi herself and her vibrant imagination that brought them all together, and now they threaten to destroy the world. To prevent this, the club embarks on fun and touching adventures to hide Haruhi from her abilities and quench her thirst for the abnormal.

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