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Anime can be organized and categorized in many different ways, with traditional film genres such as horror and fantasy being just the start. Anime fans can sort the industry by subgenres like isekai, iyashikei, or slice of life, or they can even refer to something more personal like their MBTI personality type or star sign.

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These twelve signs are meant to describe individual people, but sign traits can also describe themes, characters, and events in a work of fiction, such as movies and anime series. A person who wishes to see their own astrological sign represented thematically in an anime has all sorts of options to choose from.

Updated August 24, 2022 by Sarah Martin: We’ve added anime recommendations for Leo and Capricorn as they were initially missing when the list was first published. There’s an anime for everyone, and astrology is a fun way to decide which series to fall in love with next.

12 Aries: the saga of Tanya the evil

The fire sign Aries is represented by a ram, a creature that will charge boldly to get what it wants. An Aries is a headstrong, reckless, and ambitious leader, so a suitable anime is one that features an equally fierce protagonist, much like Tanya Degurechaff from Saga of Tanya the Evil.

Tanya is the anti-hero, a ruthless man who is reborn as a magically gifted little girl in a World War I steampunk world. Tanya takes command of her forces and leads them to victory against impossible odds, and she won’t let anyone on her side or the enemy’s side stand in her way.

11 Taurus: laid back camp

Taurus is an earth sign that embodies more than the defensive and stubborn nature of the still earth. The Taurus sign is also synonymous with day-to-day comfort, relaxation, and stability, which means a Taurus will be in the mood for some heartwarming iyashikei anime.

The merry title of seinenRelaxed campis an excellent choice. This anime is all about the comfort and joy of exploring the great outdoors while the main characters are still cooking mouth-watering dinners, savoring every sweet ingredient around the campfire.

ten Gemini: my darling dressing

Gemini is another air sign, and unlike humanitarian Aquarius, Gemini is more focused on the fun and adventure of the world around them. Geminis are prone to exploring new ideas in whimsical ways, meeting new people, and shaking things up. Routine is the last thing they want.

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Such a sign is perfect for My darling dressing, a high school series about the joyful fun of trying cosplay and coming out of your own shell. Genki girl Marin Kitagawa is a total Gemini at heart, regardless of her birth sign, and real-life Gemini will have fun watching some creative antics.

9 Cancer: plastic memories

Plastic souvenirs is a short but sweet sci-fi anime that might remind fans blade runner and Chobits. Its protagonist, Tsukasa, has started working with a company that removes aging androids from its customers, and he befriends a charming robot girl named Isla at work.

The two grow closer over time, but it takes time for Isla to really open up to Tsukasa and form a deep and meaningful connection with him. It’s thematically on point with the Cancer attributes of mysticism, emotional attunement, and caution when it comes to making new friends.

8 Leo: Maid-Sama!

Maid-Sama! is a classic shojo series about Misaki, a charismatic student council president who works hard to create a better environment at school for female students. She works pretty hard at school, but she also works in a maid cafe to make ends meet. Takumi Usui is a typical flirty shojo lover who started visiting the maid cafe more after meeting Misaki there once.

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Leos are the ultimate show stealers. They are bold, confident and never afraid to stand up for what is right. They have magnetic personalities that draw everyone to them, and it’s hard not to love Leos. People of this sign will appreciate Maid-Sama!have a sense of humor and are seen in both Misaki and Takumi.

seven Virgo: Dr. Stone

In some ways, Dr StoneSenku Ishigami’s scientific protagonist actually embodies the curious fire sign Sagittarius, given its determination to explore new scientific avenues. Overall, however, Dr Stone is most attractive to methodical, work-oriented Virgo.

Virgo is the anti-Gemini. Virgos pride themselves on their tireless work ethic, efficient schedules, and attention to detail. All of these qualities are on full display as Senku and his new Stone Age allies patiently build their kingdom of science and all of its inventions.

6 Libra: a couple of cuckoo clocks

Libra is an air sign that stands for harmony, cooperation, balance, and fairness, hence its symbol of a scale. This sign is roughly similar to Aquarius but is a little more focused on diplomacy and justice than general humanitarian efforts.

Libra’s best traits are on full display in A couple of cuckoo clocks, where protagonist Nagi Umino must carefully juggle the desires and friendships of his foster sister, fiancée, and crush. The four characters are in a complex web of relationships and confusing emotions, so Libra-style cooperation and fairness are essential.

5 Scorpion: The Rise of the Shield Hero

Scorpio is a hybrid fire/water sign. This scorpio-themed star sign has a strong will and fierce determination, unlike fellow water signs Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio also embodies the introspective nature of these signs. It’s about what’s inside.

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Scorpio is also synonymous with hard truths, honesty, and the fight against lies and manipulation. All this points to The Rise of the Shield Heroan isekai series where determination, honesty and personal values ​​always triumph over schemes and eventually fall apart.

4 Sagittarius: Trapped in a dating simulator

The fire sign Sagittarius is represented by an archer who shoots flaming arrows. Such a sign concerns the enthusiastic exploration of new ideas and the sharing of opinions, even if it ends up disturbing others by accident. Sagittarius can’t help but express themselves boldly, although they also mean well in most cases.

Such traits are perfect for Trapped in a dating simulator. This isekai anime features Leon Bartfort, a smart-mouthed and brutally honest male protagonist, who embarks on colorful adventures in an otome game world and survives to tell the tale. The entire anime’s premise definitely rewards the qualities of Sagittarius, from adventures to uncompromising honesty.

3 Capricorn: Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku

Wotakoi: Love is hard for Otaku is a charming workplace romance series about Narumi, an avid anime fan who struggles to maintain a work-life balance between her hobbies and responsibilities. However, she’s reunited with her childhood friend, Hirotaka, who reassures her that it’s okay to be herself and let her otaku flag fly.

As an earth sign, Capricorns are hardworking and always pay attention to detail. They are diligent, honest, and surprisingly insightful compared to other signs of the same element. Wotakoi is the perfect pick for Capricorns, as it’s a work romance with a more mature sense of humor that they’re sure to appreciate.

2 Aquarius: The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Air sign Aquarius is a highly humanitarian sign that is all about “people power” and has creative and out of the box ideas for the benefit of others. Thus, an Aquarius would appreciate any animated series where the protagonist has sworn to uplift and defend others at all costs.

Reincarnated as Slimefeatures Rimuru Tempest, an intelligent slime who works tirelessly to build a tolerant and diverse nation of monsters where everyone can live and work in peace. Rimuru is a total Aquarius as a humanitarian, and this is reflected in VaseThe plot and the themes too.

1 Pisces: Komi can’t communicate

The Pisces water sign is quite similar to Aquarius, but much more intimate in nature. All three water signs are all about mysticism and listening to the mental energies of others, and Pisces is more sensitive than any other sign. This calls for an anime like Komi can’t communicate.

The protagonist, Shoko Komi, is a shy but kind girl who is determined to come out of her shell and make 100 real friendships within a year. She’s eager to connect with other people, which gives the anime a laid-back, heartwarming tone that any sensitive Pisces would appreciate.

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