10 anime series you must watch


Many new anime series have gone viral this spring 2021, and it’s not hard to see why. So many amazing shows with exciting plots, lovable characters, jaw-dropping antagonists, and wonderful conclusions aired this season, including all-new shows and new seasons of already-loved shows.

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If you haven’t watched any anime lately or just rewatched Ouran High School Host Club for the fifth time, now is the time to catch up on new hit shows ahead of the summer hits. These impeccable Spring 2021 anime are definitely not to be missed, so get your popcorn ready and start binging!

ten Fruit Basket, Last Season

The final season of the much-loved 2019 remake of Fruit basket is here and it’s still just as beautiful. While the original 2001 animation was excellent, the reboot follows the manga much more closely, has impeccable art style, and is a total heartbreak. In this final season of the series, the main character, Tohru Honda, has developed her relationship with the mysterious Sohma family and is completely entangled in the mess of their curse. Tohru will face the height of old family problems by their side until they reach the epic conclusion.


9 I’ve been killing Slimes for 300 years and reached my max level

This all-new show is in the popular genre of living in a video game-like world. In this story, Azusa Aizawa is reincarnated with immortality in a peaceful new world. Azusa spends her laid-back days enjoying the land, tending to her farm, and defeating a few dozen slimes a day. After about 300 years of this routine, she realized that her occasional killing of slimes over such a long period of time had gained her so much experience that she is now at the highest possible power level, level 99. Once word gets out, many reach out to her hoping to use her enormous power, but all Azusa wants is peace.

8 My Hero Academia, Season 5

Bakugo from My Hero Academia

Season 5 of one of the best anime is finally here and fans are already obsessed. Izuku Midoriya and the rest of his hero class are pitted against the students of Class 1-B during a friendly training exercise. The League of Villains and their devious plans threaten to disrupt the peace, as they continue to brew under society.

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Will Class 1-A prove their power is worth being in the top hero class or will Class 1-B prevail this time? What awaits Deku and All For One? MHA anime fans are watching from the edge of their seats!

seven Higehiro

This new romantic comedy follows the story of office worker Yoshida and Sayu, a high school runaway. After being rejected and heartbroken by his longtime crush, Yoshida is drunk and numb when he allows a runaway high school student into his home. Rather than fall for one of Sayu’s flirtatious advances as an idea of ​​payment, he has her clean house in exchange for living under his roof. The two make such a fun duo, their relationship growing stronger with every experience they face together.

6 The World Ends With You: The Animation

The World Ends With You: The Animation is based on the best-selling video game of the same name. After many years, the game still has such a strong fan base, which led to the creation of this awesome animation. Neku dies unexpectedly and is stuck in an alternate version of Tokyo’s Shibuya shopping district, called the subway. People who enter this reality can participate in a challenge called the Reaper Game, where players have the chance to be brought back to life. Players must team up to complete the game, leading Neku to connect with others who have lost their lives to win.

5 To your eternity

If you haven’t heard all the great reviews of To your eternity However, you don’t have to put yourself on TikTok much. This stunning new anime features the most moving story, pristine music, and awesome visuals. A mysterious immortal being appears on Earth with no human emotion or sense of self.

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After crossing the land, he eventually comes to his senses and encounters a lonely boy in a lifeless tundra. From there, the being embarks on a journey that will change its way and all who look at it will see the world. Get your tissues ready for this one.

4 Tokyo avengers

This high-intensity sci-fi anime based on the popular manga is not to be missed. Takemichi Hanagaki has a not-so-desirable life, which takes a drastic turn when he discovers his ex-girlfriend has been killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang. The gang is filled with filthy criminals who haven’t done anything good for years. A sudden twist in time sends Takemichi back 12 years to when he was still dating his ex. He seizes this chance to change the future and save it this time…by joining the gang and changing it from the ground up!

3 Godzilla: singular point

Shortly after the release of the mega blockbuster, Godzilla vs. Kong, this anime take on the all-time famous giant, radioactive lizard monster is a total hit. The story is based in the year 2030 in the city of Nigashio. Two strangers are brought together by mysterious anomalies, the engineer, Yun Arikawa, and the graduate student, Mei Kamino. Although the two investigate different strange occurrences, they are both led to the same shocking discovery. They are then faced with a huge problem involving the fate of the whole world.

2 Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

Vivy, the very first autonomous AI that works in a theme park, has one main goal: to make people happy with her songs. Everything changes when an AI sent back in time 100 years ago informs Vivy that a future war between the AI ​​and humans will lead to the extinction of humans.

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The two AIs must join forces to prevent the devastating war that will occur 100 years later. Put this one on your watch list ASAP!

1 86

This brand new mecha/military anime has the potential to be something huge. The story is complex and intense, tackling major themes of war, social inequality and the overthrow of unjust systems. A secret faction in San Magnolia consists of individuals who have been shunned by society and are forced to fight to keep the peace within the walls. Vladilena Milizé and Shinei Nouzen, two young leaders with very different backgrounds, unite to lead a squadron, and change the future.

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