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anime like Violet Evergarden and The attack of the Titans continue to grow in popularity thanks to their extraordinary plot, animation and characters. With their success, it’s obvious that quality animation and nice graphics are crucial factors in bringing an anime to the top.

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Some anime with beautiful animation gets lost in the mix of the many good tales and characters. But others have become the standard bearers of anime with the right mix of plot, character development, arcs, and animation. With entries from both categories, these anime series have the most enjoyable and visually appealing animation that is both smart and beautiful.

ten Aldnoah Zero – 7.41

Zero Aldnoah received mixed reactions from audiences about the story, but it lost no points in the animation. The plot is full of action sequences intertwined with science and technology. As A-1 Studio’s first attempt at a mecha anime, the studio did an amazing job with the execution of the plot.

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Depicting a civil war between Earth and a technologically advanced Mars, it combines 2D animation with engaging 3D robot models for battles. Mecha battles are executed to a high standard and the CGI is smooth. The aesthetic establishes that the scene is futuristic/alternative. The sci-fi themes are prominent, with nice details such as the mecha used. Martians Lost Technology has distinct mecha designs, such as the six-armed Kataphract Hellas, which makes for thoughtful animation.

9 Yuri!!! On Ice – 7.91

Vcitor Skating at Yuri on Ice

One of the best anime directed by womenYuri on ice emphasizes reality and inventiveness. Because it’s a sports anime, the choreography and fancy skate routines take up a lot of screen time. Animations of human body movements are very intense. As a skater walks into a rink and performs, the camera angles work smartly to record every move. The characters are well animated with detail even when not on the rink.

The series also employs a variety of lighting techniques, relying heavily on contrasting cool and warm color palettes to convey the mood of a scene. Yuri on Ice is a series created with love and care, as evidenced by the detailed capture of the shaking of a hand, the soft shine of the metals and the slight pink tint of the lips in action.

8 Plastic memories – 7.92

Plastic souvenir characters eating pizza

Plastic memories maintains consistent, high-quality animation throughout all 13 episodes. It has an experimental air as it takes its plot in a sci-fi direction and sets it in a utopian atmosphere. The environment is bright, colorful and uses a wide range of color palettes, similar to a watercolor painting. The style perfectly portrays the sci-fi feel and successfully blends with the series’ theme and characters.

Character movements are smooth and fluid. The character designs are reminiscent of those seen in the gospel series, and the facial expressions look extremely human without being weird. The series features believable artwork and concepts behind the animation with future buildings, machines, and the Giftias.

7 Hyōka – 8.10

A pink screenshot of Chitanda in Hyouka.

Hyouka is an extremely visually appealing anime series from Kyoto Animation. It follows the Kamiyama High School Classic Literature Club having fun solving mysteries and passing the time in their mundane lives. Dominant lighting, heavily stylized and strikingly abstract events, and monologues set the mood and mood. It transports viewers to a fantasy world far from reality.

The pun illustrated in Oreki’s imagination has a distinct visual element, with the layers of each puzzle carefully mapped out for the audience. Some scenes have a dreamy air, and this contrast between the mundane and the abstract makes Hyouka a unique experience.

6 Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade works – 8.19

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Characters Amid Holy Grail War

The premise of Unlimited Blade Works is generic as a battle royale for the holy grail, but the animation is the greatest of Fate/Stay Night series. The animation aesthetic is extravagant, from the setting to the character designs to the jaw-dropping action scenes. Moving cities, sweeping vistas of bridges, crowded parks, and gloomy graveyards are just a few examples of anime’s stunning artwork.

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With fast movements and excellent camera angles, the action is well coordinated. Conflicts between master and servants are well choreographed and detailed. Characters move naturally, and features like water reflections, intricate hair movements, and 3D opponents add to the animation that made studio Ufotable popular.

5 Attack on Titan – 8.53

Survey Corps with weapons in Attack on Titan

The attack of the Titans presents one of the most captivating survival stories, combined with beautiful characters, music and animation. For anime newbies, it can be one of the best anime for beginners to get an exciting taste of the anime world. The art is amazing and leaves viewers in awe of the progress of the animation. Many people were surprised by the 3D maneuvering gear action, which quickly became a highlight of the show’s distinct animation.

The action plans offer a variety of perspectives on the environment. Soldiers soar from buildings and soar above them, breaking free from traditional ground battle and entering the world of high-flying intensity. The characters are drawn extensively in varying thicknesses of black to make them stand out from the background, which is the signature aesthetic of animation.

4 My darling dressing – 8.43

My Dress Up Darling Main Character Posing

My darling dressing is the hottest new winter 2022 season anime. He won The attack of the Titans and demon slayer in several Best Anime of the Season polls during its run, demonstrating how popular and beloved it is with viewers. The animation quality and character design are top-notch since this is an anime about cosplay and features Japanese Hina dolls and doll-like characters.

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There is a contrast between 2D characters and 3D photographic backgrounds in art, which incorporates much more photography than hand-drawn artwork. The cosplay outfits are gorgeous and vibrant. Whether designing the clothes or gathering the necessary materials, CloverWorks went above and beyond. The shading is also colorful and beautiful, and there isn’t a single element of animation that detracts from the series’ overall appeal.

3 Demon Slayer – 8.55

A character holding two blades in Demon Slayer.

demon slayer is one of the best action anime with vivid graphics and artwork coupled with an intriguing plot. In terms of animation, it goes beyond what anime fans expect. The use of CGI is flawless and seamless, giving the impression of seeing a 3D anime. The backgrounds depict the harsh conditions of wilderness survival through the realistic environment of snow and mountains.

The realistic depictions of the sword fight, which include realistic details such as water flowing from the sword, prove the intelligence of the animation. He adapts battle scenarios with stylistic and cinematic choreography. Character movements are cleverly used to highlight the different methods of combat. Demon designs feature menacing elements, from murderous smiles to aggressive body movements.

2 Violet Evergarden – 8.66

Violet gives a salute in Violet Evergarden.

Violet Evergarden, an anime series based on a light novel, feels both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally satisfying to audiences. The series is praised for its emotional richness and engaging plot. The setting of the Violet Evergarden world has natural and beautiful landscapes, with European-style architecture and vibrant hues. The starry nightscape, as well as the city of Leiden, seem like creative marvels.

Flowers feature prominently throughout the series, adding an emotional nuance to events. The quality of visuals in Violet Evergarden is of unsurpassed quality and held in high esteem by critics. Environment, objects and camera perspectives add great detail to every scene. One aspect that stands out gracefully is the characters’ facial expressions.

1 Jujutsu Kaisen – 8.69

A character who looks deranged in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Jujutsu Kaisen is a story of supernatural monsters or curses that haunt humans, where Itadori swallows a cursed finger and tries to get rid of the curse. Naturally, the show gets increasingly violent and gruesome, with plenty of action and gore. The fights are smoothly animated and show some interesting tactics.

Scenes and scene transitions are exceptional because they significantly shift the focus to what’s most important and change the character’s perspective to a first-person view. The staging animation in the Cursed Domains is fantastic. Individual actions have a lot of vibrancy due to the distinctive way the aura is depicted, with its aquamarine hue and pseudo-3D outline. The series also has a lot of inventive and unusual designs, making it an animation marvel.

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