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The matrix is a landmark film franchise starring actor Keanu Reeves as Neo, the fate who will save all of humanity from the tyranny of the Machines and the digital prison world known as the Matrix. This cyberpunk adventure has plenty of action, but it also features a wise philosophy about the nature of reality, freedom, and more.

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The matrix the films have inspired many other works of fiction; these films were partly inspired by the universe of Japanese anime, including the famous ghost in the shell franchise. Along the same lines, fans of the Matrix movies will enjoy other anime series that share The matrixaesthetics, storytelling and themes.

ten Ghost In The Shell Inspired The Matrix

Many Western franchises have been partially inspired by anime, such as Netflix’s hit stranger things taking many clues from the dark seinen series elf lied. Meanwhile, the Wachowskis borrowed some key ideas from ghost in the shell franchise and made the most of it while still having a lot of new ideas.

the ghost in the shell anime series and movies have plenty of futuristic cyberpunk action and ethos to satisfy all Matrix fan, from the historical film of 1995 to Ghost In The Shell: Standalone Complex series, which ran for two seasons.

9 Tokyo’s 24th Ward Explores Themes of Liberation from Machine Tyranny

Tokyo 24th Ward: Shuta's Greatest Enemy Appears at the Worst Possible Time

Tokyo’s 24th Ward is an ongoing action sci-fi anime series set on a fictional island in Tokyo Bay that will soon be incorporated into the city as the 24th Ward. The island is steeped in cyberpunk-style controversy – primarily regarding the Hazard Cast state surveillance system.

To minimize crime, the neighborhood government uses high-tech surveillance systems, which means that peace comes at the expense of privacy and freedom. Many citizens of the district fight back; Tokyo 24th Ward hero, Shuta Aoi, must decide for himself what is right before he can save the day.

8 Sword Art Online features a digital hero

Sword Art Online: Underworld War

The isekai video game series Sword Art Online could miss The matrixThe deep philosophy and intriguing dialogue of , but in its first story arc, humanity is also trapped in a digital prison.

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The hero of Sword Art Online is Kirito, a two-bladed swordsman who is determined to free himself and all other players in the Aincrad world from certain death. In this game, character death means death for real, creating some serious stakes. Hardcore gaming is taken to another level in Sword Art Online.

seven The Promised Neverland is a story of dystopian escape

Ray Emma Norman from The Promised Neverland

The promised never-never land features children as protagonists, like Emma and Norman, but that by no means makes it a lighthearted or innocent story. In the 2040s, humanity is at the mercy of unseen demonic lords, and these lords demand human sacrifice.

The Grace Field House may look like an orphanage, but it’s actually a farm where the orphans’ meals are waiting to be served. The young heroine Emma decides to fight back and free humanity from the tyranny of demons, and the similarities with The matrix are clear.

6 Tokyo Ghoul has dark themes of oppressive society

Ken Kaneki snaps his fingers in Tokyo Ghoul Root A

Many cyberpunk anime series make use of Matrix fans, but fans can also enjoy fantasy series that have similar themes or storylines. An example is the dark seinen series tokyo ghoul.

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The hero of tokyo ghoul is Ken Kaneki, a half-ghoul determined to free both humanity and the ghoul genre from the endless cycle of violence and hatred. CCG investigators who hunt benevolent ghouls can call back Matrix fans of agents stalking Neo and his friends.

5 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Is About Freeing Humanity From Tyranny

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood elric brothers alchemy

Some fantasy anime series have themes and storytelling methods similar to those of Matrix movies – including those from 2009 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The nation of Amestris is like a matrix without a computer, a seemingly ordinary world that is actually a giant trap for humanity.

Amestris is like a huge farm since Father plans to sacrifice everyone living there to fuel his rise to godhood. This mirrors the machines creating the Matrix to keep humanity compliant while harvesting their bodies for energy as living batteries.

4 Attack on Titan is about revolution and fate

Eren leads the Investigation Corps in Attack on Titan

The attack of the Titans is a hit shonen series whose protagonist, Eren Yeager, was once a hero like Neo himself. When the story began, mankind was trapped in a giant fortified city; they were safe but deprived of the freedom to explore the world. Eren’s hometown was like a walled matrix.

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Eren was determined to fight against the Titans who were oppressing humanity, with the Titans replacing the Agents and the Machines. With Eren in the lead, humanity fought back to claim freedom, but they weren’t ready for the world they found beyond their walled-in womb.

3 No Game No Life features a colorful matrix world

Sora and Shiro play a game in No Game, No Life

No game no life is an isekai sci-fi anime series where brother/sister duo Sora and Shiro spend all day beating everyone in online games. They eventually find themselves in an immersive digital game world where games have replaced war as a means of resolving conflict.

Sora and Shiro have entered The Matrix and they are in their element. They can play chess, battle royale and more to triumph over their many enemies and get a little closer to their goal. Together they are One, and they have so much fun with it.

2 Tanya The Evil Saga Is A Gritty Isekai Adventure

Tanya takes aim in the Saga of Tanya the Evil

The Saga of Tanya the Evil is a dark isekai anime series set in an alternate Europe where World War I dragged on into the 1920s and beyond, mixing that war with dieselpunk elements of World War II.

Tanya is an anti-hero who is at the whim of the unknown being X, who put her there. In a sense, Tanya entered the Violent Matrix as a savage hero who will fight to break free from an oppressive fate and create her own future.

1 Jujutsu Kaisen Features Anime Agent Smith

Jujutsu Kaisen Every Domain Extension Revealed So Far

Jujutsu Kaisen is a dark fantasy series where negative human emotions create powerful curses that are monsters bent on taking over the world.

The powerful curse Mahito despises humanity as weak and flawed and wants to wipe out the human race to allow the curses to flourish instead. It’s similar to how Agent Smith views humanity – an all-consuming virus that must be eliminated.

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