10 Anime Series Perfect For A Try Not To Laugh Challenge


YouTube’s famous “Try Not to Laugh” challenge has been recreated for multiple genres. From awkwardly grumpy home videos to silly pet videos, there’s always at least one video that ends in defeat.

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A few YouTube channels have attempted to piece together animated versions of this challenge, with some videos racking up thousands, if not millions, of views. Unfortunately, it gets old seeing the same exaggerated clips and memes used in almost every video. There are other overlooked but hilarious anime titles for any budding videographer.

11 Gintama has made a name for itself among comic anime

It’s no secret that Gintama is one of the best parody anime. The creator, Hideaki Soraichi, does a fantastic job of weaving his own story while constantly referencing mainstream shōnen series and Japanese puns. Its protagonist, Gintoki Sakata, made a name for himself in shōnen anime history as one of the oldest protagonists. However, he is also one of the most immature.

After the Amanto aliens took over Earth, former samurai Gintoki is now out of a job. He opens his own “odd jobs” company, Yorozuya, where he offers various random services. Gintoki takes in two employees, an Amanto girl named Kagura and a human boy named Shinpachi Shimura, who end up getting involved in all of his ridiculous plans. Unfortunately, it’s lazy to boot.

ten Nichijō is a hilarious assortment of material

Despite its broadcast in 2011, Nichijo has made a resurgence in the modern anime community. The plot is a simple slice of life on the surface but delves into an anthology of wacky daily occurrences.

Have scenes of Nichijo would be a great addition to a “Try Not to Laugh” challenge, mostly because each episode is randomized and doesn’t follow an overarching storyline. A few recurring characters appear, but the jokes are there and waiting to be recreated on YouTube.

9 The daily life of high school students involves three friends who kill time

The daily life of high school students is a relatively unknown comic slice of life, but it’s a great watch for new anime fans looking for something lighthearted.

Tadakuni, reserved and cautious, is constantly dragged along by his mischievous friends, Hidenori and Yoshitake. Hidenori always comes up with ridiculous pranks and challenges to kill time, while Yoshitake and Tadakuni follow. Their delusions of grandeur and their absurd antics end up embarrassing them. But, as they say, what’s wrong with making life fun?

8 Asobi Asobase will hook you with his overreactions

Have you ever heard of the “cute girls doing cute things” genre? It’s a relatively new and adorable genre that’s taking the anime community by storm. But 2018 Asobi Asobase will change the genre.

The anime’s quiet, sweet opening and its adorable trio of protagonists will lull any new fan into a false sense of security. The girls may seem cute and friendly until the episode digs deeper into their outrageous antics and hilarious reactions. Hanako, Olivia, and Kasumi create the “Pastimers Club” to pass the time after school, creating any silly game or challenge that suits their fancy.

seven The disastrous life of Saiki K has a famous scene on TikTok

Anyone who watches the anime side of TikTok knows the famous “coffee jelly” sound clip from The disastrous life of Saiki K. This is one of many scenarios that should make this a “Try Not to Laugh” YouTube video.

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Saiki Kusuo desperately tries to hide his psychic abilities from his peers. He’s constantly thrust into seemingly mundane scenarios, but they’re a test of keeping his powers a secret. The coffee jelly sound clip is an apt take on overspending, but plenty of other memorable scenes exist to test Saiki’s patience.

6 Nodame Cantabile provides great music and laughs

Music and laughter go hand in hand, and we’d agree after watching the 2007 series. Nodame Cantabile. There are so many scenes with the two leads that showcase their rocky yet hilarious relationship.

Poor Shinichi Chiaki has his hands full dealing with Megumi “Nodame” Noda while juggling his career as a bandleader. She’s loud, obnoxious, quirky to a fault, and a complete slob, but her piano playing is top-notch. She is the challenge Shinichi needs and does what she can to get under his skin.

5 Baka and the Test Are Underrated for a Battle Shōnen Anime

Battle-focused shōnen anime can be great resources for comedy sketches and hilarious banter between characters. There were plenty of memorable fights and non-combat related scenes that fans seem to be enjoying – some of which were from titles like Jujutsu Kaisen, demon slayerand my hero academia. But when it comes to older shōnen anime with similar fighting themes and nonsensical antics, Baka and test is one of the best.

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Although the school is not entirely based on magic, Fumizuki Academy relies on mythical traditions regarding grades. “Avatars”, or miniature, enhanced versions of Fumizuki students, compete to knock out opponents in higher, more prestigious classes. Akihisa Yoshii, the anime’s protagonist, wants to leave his poorly maintained class despite his poor grades and encourages his classmates to challenge the smartest groups in their class.

4 Love, chūnibyō and other delusions are a great introduction to 8th grade syndrome

The infamous “8th grade syndrome” goes by several different names, such as “grand delusions” or “chūnibyō”. These middle schoolers are going through a period where they have convinced themselves that they have special powers or dark secrets. Yet it’s generally dismissed as a crabby transitional phase or a pretense that’s gone too far.

Although this phenomenon is not new to the anime industry, Love, Chūnibyō and other delusions popularized it. After going through this phase in middle school, Yuta Togashi desperately tries to rebrand himself as a freshman in high school. Unfortunately for him, he struggles to escape it after meeting Rikka Takanashi, who is still at the heart of his fantasies. Their various instances of double-act comedy are perfectly memorable for any YouTube video.

3 Chūbyō Gekihatsu Boy also features Chūnibyō characters

One of the lesser known anime based on chūnibyō, Boy Chūbyō Gekihatsu has enough absurdity to keep a viewer on their toes. There is a “straight” protagonist as in Love, Chūnibyō and other delusionsbut the story focuses more on the colorful and wacky cast she interacts with.

Each boy has different degrees and versions of chūnibyō, the leader of which, Yamato Noda, is obsessed with sentai-style heroes. The boys volunteer as members of the “Hero Club”, offering to do odd jobs for students and teachers. Of course, there’s no shortage of hijinx they get themselves into. What’s even more interesting about this anime is that it actually started out as a Vocaloid song!

2 School Rumble is an explosion of unrequited love

No one can go wrong with a high school romantic comedy. It’s one of the surest avenues to introduce new anime fans to the medium. school rumble has a great mix of funny, heartwarming scenes and lovable characters, but it goes all out with its comedy.

Exaggerated misunderstandings and miscommunications are rampant in this anime. Tenma Tsukamoto struggles to confess her feelings to her crush, oblivious to delinquent Kenji Harima pining for her. Not to mention the chain of overlapping crushes. Those who like a good love polygon will appreciate school rumble.

1 Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo should be at the top of anyone’s comedy anime list

New anime fans won’t remember the shipwreck known as Bobo-bo Bo-bobo which aired on Cartoon Network’s Toonami so many years ago. The mind-blowing hijinx and over-the-top comedy routines make this anime perfect for a “Try Not to Laugh” challenge.

The year is 300X – a bald tyrant rules the world and wants to rid each of his subjects of their hair. A man is ready to oppose his dictatorship and fight tooth and nose hair to stop it. The anime is packed with absurd skits, Japanese-style slapstick comedy bits, and dramatic fight scenes that will keep any comedy fan entertained.

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