10 Anime Series Better Than Power Rangers


Mighty Morphin’s Power Rangers is a beloved TV show that kids across generations have grown up with. The series debuted in 1992 and has been running ever since, with almost 30 different seasons to date. People of all ages fell in love with the show for its cool costume designs, action scenes, and Rangers megazords.

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But over the years, anime has provided quite a few series that dominate the Power Rangers franchise. Since Power Rangers comes from the Japanese adaptation Super Sentaithere are several anime that are parodies or even direct takes on this same superhero ideal.

ten Tiger & Bunny turns being a superhero into a career

tiger and rabbit shows what happens when superheroes try to make a career out of heroes, as heroes all have to find ways to pay for their lives while continuing to help people. The show eschews a full squad of fighters in favor of focusing on a pair of heroes: veteran Kotetsu T. Kaburagi and newbie Barnaby J. Brooks.

Although they disagree on the best way to be a hero at first, they do amazing things together. This series was so popular that it was brought back over a decade later and it’s still going strong.

9 Ronin Warriors sees armored heroes battle an ancient warlord

In the distant past, an evil warlord known as Talpa attacked the planet. After being defeated, his power was taken and split into nine separate armors. Thousands of years later, Talpa returned, corrupting four of the nine armors to serve as his generals.

The only ones who can stand in his way are the owners of the remaining five armors. This series had all the action one would expect from a sentai series combined with a much better budget, since it was animated.

8 Concrete Revolutio hops between past and future to tell a powerful story

In the distant past, Jiro Hitoyoshi is a member of the Super Population Research Laboratory, a group tasked with protecting superhumans and humanity from each other. In the present, Jiro’s own friends have turned on him and started hunting him down.

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The two different times allow concrete revolution tell a single story five years apart. This makes following the story sometimes difficult but rewarding for all who pay attention.

seven Double Decker: Doug & Kirill is the Ultimate Buddy Cop Anime

A spin-off from Tiger and Rabbit, Double Decker diverts attention from the heroes and places it on law enforcement. The protagonists of Double-decker bus are veteran detective Doug Billingham and rookie cop Kirill Vrubel. Both are members of SEVEN-O, an organization created to stop super-crimes committed by users of a drug called Anthem.

Kirill dreams of becoming a hero while Doug wants nothing more than to be home by 5:30 p.m. Although they’re not superheroes, their organization uncovers a secret conspiracy behind Anthem users that changes everything they know about how their world works.

6 Samurai Flamenco goes from parody to seriousness

Designed to be a parody of Super Sentai and Kamen Rider, Flamenco Samurai ends up leaning into his tokusatsu roots. Main protagonist Masayoshi Hazama is a model who wants to become a hero, even going so far as to dress up as a Samurai Flamenco hero at night.

But the series becomes more serious over time, as some enemies take notice of Masayoshi’s actions and escalate the crime Masayoshi has to fight. What starts out as a joke turns into a very serious battle for the fate of the planet.

5 Love After World Domination Has A Red Ranger Falling In Love With A Villain

Love After World Domination has an amazing parody Super Sentai and Power Rangers. In this world, the protagonist is Fudou Aikawa, the leader of Gelato 5. As Red Gelato, Fudou fights against Desumi Magahara and his evil army. There’s just one problem: Fudou has fallen in love with Desumi.

After daring her to meet him, Fudou confesses his love to her and convinces her to go out with him. Although it shouldn’t work, the hero and villain begin their romance while trying to keep it a secret from everyone.

4 SSSS.Gridman brings back a beloved hero from the 90s

SSSS.Gridman is an anime series based on the 1990s Tokusatsu series Denkou Choujin Gridman. But while the anime references this series, the show itself focuses on an all-new protagonist.

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This Gridman is Yuta Hibiki, a young man who has lost his memory but discovers the power of a giant known as Gridman hidden in an old computer belonging to his classmate Rikka. With Gridman’s help, Yuta and his friends battle against the massive monsters threatening their town. The Gridman The series has been successful enough to garner two different sequel anime.

3 Bubblegum Crisis has inspired many cyberpunk anime

Chewing gum crisis is a key influence for much of ’90s cyberpunk. Its visual style and direction made it a standout late ’80s anime and a series worth watching decades later. In the distant future, humanity struggles against the Rampant Boomers, who are androids pretending to be human.

Baby boomer crime has become rampant and the only ones capable of stopping it are the Knight Sabers. As a group of women brought together by businesswoman Sylla Stingray, the Knight Sabers represent the last line of defense against the Boomers.

2 Garo: Vanishing Line features an invincible hero protecting humanity

The Garo The franchise has been around since the mid-2000s and focuses on the owner of Garo’s golden armor, the only weapon capable of fighting back against monsters known as Horrors. In Creepagethe owner of the Golden Knight is called Sword.

While battling the horrors in the sprawling city of Russell, Sword discovers a mythical place known as El Dorado, believed to be a safe haven for humans. Creepage is an excellent tokusatsu series as an anime that features the violence and themes fans grew up with Power Rangers probably looking for.

1 Ultraman sees humanity relying on Ultraman’s power against an alien invasion

The recent Ultraman is a Netflix anime adapting a popular manga series. Rather than being fixed in existence Ultraman timeline, this series is set in a timeline where only the original Ultraman past. Decades after the return of the original Ultraman, a new alien threat has arrived.

But Shinjiro Hayata, son of the original Ultraman, holds the power to stop these new aliens. But Shinjiro is not alone, as others gain the power to wield the Ultraman suits to defend humanity. Originally running a single season, Netflix brought the series back for a nine-episode second season to continue adapting the manga and building that huge Ultraman Universe.

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