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Superhero movies continue to maintain their popularity and sweep cinemas with no end in sight. One corner of this enduring trend is the DCEU franchise, which features sports movies featuring some of the most iconic superheroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

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While DC’s cinematic foray doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, the quality of some films in this catalog have hit both dizzying highs and devastating lows, making them quite controversial among viewers. Fans who feel let down by certain DCEU movies can always look to anime to give them something they might not have gotten from those movies.

ten Samurai Flamenco talks about the meaning of the word “hero”

Some heroes wear flashy costumes while others have unimaginable power, but ultimately what makes a hero is someone who does the right thing just because it’s the right thing. Flamenco Samurai is the story of Masayoshi Hazama, a young man who believes in superhero ideals and becomes the masked crime fighter, Samurai Flamenco, by night.

Masayoshi begins his journey from humble beginnings and over time things start to get worse in weird ways. Full of action, heart, and some pretty wild twists and turns along the way, this anime is all about the true meaning of the word “hero.”

9 Tiger & Bunny, a superhero / Buddy-Cop Anime

tiger and rabbit takes place in a world where the job of superheroes is more of a spectacle sport of showing off sponsors and gaining fame than of catching crooks or saving people. Kotetsu Kaburagi, also known by his superhero name Wild Tiger, ends up having to team up with new hero Barnaby Brooks Jr. after a disappointing season.

The two don’t exactly get along at first, but over time the two become true partners who grow into friends and heroes. This superhero action series is perfect for anyone who loves the buddy-cop dynamic.

8 SSSS. Gridman is full of gigantic battles

Yuuta Hibiki wakes up one day with no memory of her life and a mysterious presence seems to be calling her. He doesn’t have too much time to sort out his amnesia, as he quickly becomes embroiled in a conflict to stop the kaiju from tearing the town apart and obliterating the people. Become the hyper agent Gridman, Yuuta battles fierce enemies and uncovers mind-blowing secrets about the world.

SSSS. Gridman brings the tokusatsu series into the middle of anime, keeping the fun of its monster-of-the-week action going with some crazy twists. It even ended up having a sequel: SSSS. Dynazenon.

seven Cyborg 009 is a classic with a charming retro look

Cyborg 009 sees nine people from around the world who get kidnapped by the shadowy organization Black Ghost who turn them into cyborgs, each with their own special abilities. However, one of their own, Dr. Gilmore, eventually frees the cyborgs and helps them escape. Together they will try to stop Black Ghost and any other threat trying to tear the world apart.

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This classic animated series sports a nice retro look with memorable characters and a ton of awesome, timeless, self-contained stories featuring 009 and company battling villains, other cyborgs, and even supernatural threats.

6 Inuyashiki, a story of power and responsibility

Ichirou Inuyashiki is a kind old man who is treated rather poorly by the world around him, including his own family. One day, he learns that he only has three months left to live. Without warning, Ichirou is suddenly shrouded in a mysterious light that has rendered his body cybernetic. Ichirou decides to use his abilities for good while discovering that he is not the only one who transformed that night.

On time, Inuyashiki: Last Hero can be difficult to watch. Those who stick with it will find a story of how different people choose to handle great power, whether they wield it for themselves or others.

5 Devilman: Crybaby, from zero to demonic hero

Akira Fudo was a kind but weak young man, but everything changes after encountering demons and merging with a demon named Amon. Become a Devilman, Akira will fight all kinds of monstrous enemies that threaten the world, be they demons or angels.

With a demonic and compassionate hero, Devilman: Crybaby is a dark and intense retelling of this classic series. Boasting a cataclysmic storyline and stunning animation dripping with an ominous style, this anime is perfect for those looking for something on the dark and gritty side.

4 Despite a child-friendly appearance, Astro Boy tackles heavy subjects

One of the many remarkable works of Osamu Tezuka, Astro Boy is a sci-fi series set in the distant future where robotics has become more advanced than ever. One such robot, Astro, was born to replace its creator’s deceased son, but was kicked out when it became apparent that he was only a pale imitation. After being adopted by the kind Dr. Ochanomizu, Astro begins to fight crime and injustice in all its forms.

Despite its sweet, kid-friendly action/adventure look, Astro Boy is something of a Pinocchio narrative that also covers mature topics such as grief, hate and bigotry, and what makes a human being. With the many adaptations in this series, there’s a lot to enjoy.

3 One-Punch Man is a hilarious superhero action/comedy

In a world constantly threatened by powerful monsters and villains, the strongest hero is an unknown “funny hero”. Although Saitama is powerful enough to end any fight with a single punch, unfortunately the lack of challenge has left him bored and uninterested in most things. But whether he likes it or not, he may be the hero his world needs most.

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One-punch man is both action-packed and downright hilarious, from its premise to its over-the-top characters that make up this superhero world. For those who often argue that Superman’s powers make him an uninteresting character, Saitama’s Existential Crisis could be seen as a satire examining how ultimate strength isn’t all it’s made out to be.

2 Sailor Moon, the most iconic Magical Girl anime

At first glance, Usagi Tsukino looks like your average high school kid. In truth, she and her friends are the Sailor Guardians, a group of heroines who protect Earth from evil. While juggling her normal life, Usagi will learn about the origins of the Moon Kingdom and battle the forces of darkness as Sailor Moon.

While there have been many entries into the magical girl genre, perhaps none is more iconic than Sailor Moon. Sporting multiple anime adaptations and movies, this series is an enduring classic for a reason.

1 My Hero Academia is a vast world of heroes and villains

In a world where superheroes are the norm, Izuku Midoriya wants to be a hero himself. The only problem is that he is one of the few people born without Quirks, who are MHAthe version of the superpowers. Izuku’s luck turns when he meets number one hero All Might, who sees his selfless nature and decides to make him his successor. Now enrolled in the best school for heroes, Izuku will study and train alongside his classmates to become the heroes they’ve always dreamed of being.

my hero academia gives the colorful world of superheroes and villains a lively coat of paint. With a unique cast of characters, an interesting multi-faceted world that revolves around Quirks and Heroes, and tons of memorable fights, there’s a lot going on in MHA for superhero fans to love.

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