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Anime is an exciting source of entertainment capable of telling the kind of stories not found anywhere else. There are hundreds of formative animated series that push the boundaries and have influenced the future of the genre, especially over the past decade. In addition to animated series, there are motion picture animation projects that often tell even more extravagant stories.

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When it comes to animated films, there are many that are aimed at children or suitable for the whole family. However, the anime can be very mature and some of the best movies that have been made are not suitable for young audiences.

ten Akira is an anime classic that embraces grotesque body horror

Anime Akira Kaneda Attack Tetsuo

years 1988 Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo is one of the most iconic animated films of all time, and its material which has been parodied and referenced in things as mainstream as South Park. The story takes place in a future dystopian version of Tokyo where genetic experiments, nuclear war, and crime are all rife.

In his heart Akira It’s actually only about Kaneda’s efforts to save her friend, Tetsuo, but the magnitude of that fight is a testament to the glory of the anime. Mature subjects, intense violence, and disturbing visuals ensure it’s not for kids.

9 Tomb of the Fireflies highlights the horror of war

Anime Grave Of The Fireflies Journey

Studio Ghibli has a reputation for having a large library of great kid-friendly movies, but that’s not a general statement and some of their movies are big, but intense, storytelling. the Grave of the Fireflies follows a teenage brother and younger sister who find themselves separated from their parents.

However, the Grave of the Fireflies is set in Japan at the height of WWII and not only does it not fear the atrocities of war, it damages the focus of the film. It’s a seamless story that’s too much to deal with even for many adults.

8 I want to eat your pancreas tells a loss avoidance story

Anime i wanna eat your splashing pancreas

There are a lot of beautiful and touching animated films that are clearly going to be a heavy experience, but I want to eat your pancreas makes this obvious from its title. This film by Shin’ichirō Ushijima is very reminiscent of Makoto Shinkai’s efforts, but is even more tragic.

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The film chronicles a very intimate relationship between two classmates when one learns that the other is dying from a fatal pancreatic disease. There is no doubt that I want to eat your pancreas is an effective movie, but its whole premise is probably too heavy for most kids.

7 Perfect Blue portrays surreal and brutal loss of self

Shocked Perfect Blue Fish Anime

Satoshi Kon is one of the most prolific names in the anime industry and every one of his films is amazing, but they also generally come close to troubling and very grown-up territory.

Perfect blue details Mima Kirigoe’s heightened detachment from reality as she goes from a group of pop idols to becoming an actress. Mima’s journey of self-discovery causes a series of grisly murders and she sinks deeper and deeper into fear. Perfect blue is an astonishing story about loss of identity, and far too mature and complex a story for children.

6 Ghost in the Shell indulges in the extremes of cyberpunk

Anime Ghost In The Shell Robot Hands Typing

Ghost in the shell is another animated film which is considered fundamental to the industry and it is a property which remains relevant and which turns out to be new elements to this day.

Mamoru Oshii’s 1995 film is one of the anime’s finest forays into sci-fi and cyberpunk storytelling, as it tells a story about the hacking of cyborg-human hybrids and the loss of identity that accompanies it. Ghost in the shell is full of heightened violence and an approach to the human body far too difficult for a child to handle.

5 Themes in the wind rises are too mature for children

Anime The Wind Rises Rain Umbrella

Hayao Miyazaki is a master of animation, and his films are generally exactly the kind of thoughtful stories kids should experience. However, The wind picks up is by far Miyazaki’s most grown-up film and it doesn’t hide behind fantasy like most of his work.

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It focuses on the struggles of a man who is passionate about building planes, but then laments how his creations are used to bring destruction to fruition. It is an existential gaze on oneself that is opposed to World War II. It’s not that The wind picks up is necessarily inappropriate for kids, but it’s a movie that probably isn’t going to connect with them.

4 Ninja Scroll trades in bloody and exacerbated violence

Anime Ninja Scroll Samurai Sword Attack

Ninja scroll has become one of the most beloved animated action films of the ’90s, and all of its aesthetics play into how animation can be aimed at adult audiences rather than children. Ninja scroll tells the story of Jubei, a determined ninja who is forced not only to kill his own people, but also to face demonic ninjas with terrible powers.

Ninja scroll is a satisfying entry for monster and ninja movies, but it’s full of blood, severed limbs, and explicit sex content and needless to say, it’s only for adults.

3 The message in a silent voice is important, but its content is intense

Anime A Silent Voice Funnel Intimidation

A silent voice is an animated film that goes straight to the heart, and just like any Shinkai filmography, it is a very moving experience. This looks at the relationship between a deaf girl and the boy who mercilessly bullied her throughout school, only for him to slowly understand the error of her manners.

The film tells an important story about bullying and friendship that is actually great material a child can be exposed to, but the movie also touches on suicide, sexuality, and other topics that can still be a bit too much for them. children, at least the youngest.

2 Rebuild Of Evangelion Is An Attack On The Spirit

Anime Rebuild Of Evangelion Asuka Pilots Eva

Neon Genesis Evangelion is widely regarded as one of the most original animated series of all time and it is certainly one that covers some incredibly adult themes and topics. The Reconstruction of Evangelion the films chronicle the events of the series, but take drastic new directions and push the franchise into new territory.

evangelization is material that is often too heady for many adults to fully understand and there is still debate over much of the show’s symbolism. Add to that the violence and the nihilistic point of view and it is clear that young children should be far away. evangelization.

1 Paprika is visually stunning, yet psychologically extreme

Surreal Anime Paprika Parade

Paprika is Satoshi Kon’s latest work and in many ways is the most twisted and experimental of all his films. Paprika is basically as if Creation were an anime, with all the extra weirdness that would naturally come with it.

The film revolves around “dream detectives” and a terrorist attack that will destroy the minds of the public. Paprika unboxes heavy themes and asks particularly deep questions and while some of the lush visuals and absurdity will appeal to kids, it’s still not material that is meant to be watched by them.

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